Wednesday 5 November 2014

Tess Daly Launches LeapTV

I told you all a while ago about the latest product to be launching from LeapFrog, the amazing LeapTV.

It isn't surprising that over 1.2 billion people worldwide spend their time playing video games but unfortuantely these games aren't always suitable for our little ones.

LeapTV is the first video console designed just for young children between the ages of 3 and 8 and it finally hit UK shelves last Wednesday.

This genius system includes console, motion sensing camera, camera mount, transforming controller with wrist strap, HDMI cable, 16GB of memory and built in Wi-Fi which enables you to download any apps which you purchase separately.

With over 100 exciting yet educational games created just for this inivative console and three easy yet unique ways to play, I wouldn't be surprised if this is at the top of lots of children's wishlists for presents from Santa this year.

To celebrate its release, Strictly Come Dancing star Tess Daly joined in with a group of adorable little gamers to show just what the LeapTV was capable of doing.

Mixing up with body motion, pointer play and classic control, the LeapTV was certainly put through its paces and I think you can see from the images captred that there was no frustrated children in sight from not being able to grasp what to do, just big smiles all round.

Tess Daly said: “Less than one percent of the thousands of video game titles out there are rated appropriate for children under the age of six years. As a parent, I understand that children are playing with technology earlier and earlier so it’s great LeapTV has been specifically created for young kids. It gives them a gaming experience of their own and, what’s more, the kids are learning as they have fun with LeapTV!”

Parents need not worry that the kids are spending too much time on the computer because LeapFrog's games manage to address every childs learning needs, combining skills for maths, science and English as well as encouraging our youngsters to get creative.

A great way to encourage the building of the gross motor skills as well as the idea of working together with other kids too.

LeapTV has a RRP of £119.99 which to me seems a reasonable price to pay, especially when lets be honest, us as parents will be joining in and using it too, or is that just me??

You can visit LeapFrog's site direct for more information.

Have your children put any LeapFrog products on their Christmas lists??


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