Wednesday 26 November 2014

LeapFrog LeapPad XDi Ultra Review

Being a LeapFrog Ambassador means I get to bring you all the latest news and reviews. This month I was fortunate to be sent the latest LeapPad to test and try, well I say me but it's the kids who have are the real testers.

The LeapPad XDi Ultra is a step up from the LeapPad Ultra. Now if you look at the photo below, the LeapFrog Ultra is on the left and the LeapFrog XDi Ultra is on the right. The XDi although similar has a sleeker look about it, the added colour framing the 7 inch screen makes it stand out more.

Again available in pink and green, this kid perfect tablet boasts an inbuilt MP3 player, 8GB of memory, front and back facing camera, aswell as video recording abilities.

Simple and quick to set up, 10 apps are included but you do need WiFi access to download the extra 11th app of which there are one of three that you are allowed to choose for free. There are built in tutorials which are there to help if you do end up getting stuck somehow.

Plugging the XDi Ultra into my computer made it simple to transfer already purchased apps from our other LeapPads onto this tablet, this took around 20 minutes to complete but this will vary depending on your internet connection.

The kid safe web powered by Zui means that your children can only access age appropriate content and with the added parent lock you can make sure you're kids can't purchase things without your permission, no hefty bills!!

The WiFi also gives your kids the ability to chat to other siblings/friends who also own a LeapPad. This was my girl's newest favourite feature. My eldest two have been spending hours using pet chat to have little private conversations without mummy hearing.

The large screen makes it easy for everyone to play, draw and watch, along with the feather light responsiveness, the XDi Ultra is now suited to 3-9 year olds, although my 2 year old has no problem working out how to play certain games. 

The one she currently loves is Sugar Bugs, all about brushing teeth. I have no worries with my youngest playing on this tablet because all of the games, books and videos are educational in some way.

The one thing I noticed was that this version seemed to be slightly heavier than its predecessor, not necessarily a bad thing, I think the weight is down to the kid tough casing and lets be honest we want these to be built to last!!!

If you are thinking of upgrading your kids tablet this Christmas, you certainly can't go wrong with a LeapPad XDi Ultra. With over 700 games, books and videos helping with skills such as reading, writing and creativity, there won't be time for your children to get bored!!

This tablet provides a brilliant multimedia experience without the worry of your children clicking on something they shouldn't. Highly recommended.


Disclaimer : I was sent this product FOC for reviewing purposes however all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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