Monday 3 November 2014

Read With Me #44

Welcome to this weeks Read With Me. I thought with the kids on half term that I would have slowed in the reading department.

Turns out I just can't say no to a good book.

The latest series I've been reading is the Addicted series from Krista and Becca Ritchie.

These books really are addictive and need to be read in order :

Addicted To You
Additcted For Now
Kiss The Sky (Calloway Sisters #1)
Hothouse Flower (Calloway Sisters #2)
Addicted After All

The main premise is following the relationship of Lily and Lo, one addicted to sex, the other addicted to alcohol.
The series branches off to also follow the stories of Lily's sisters. These aren't short books but I love this fact as it meant that they didn't lack in any detail and there was a good mix of humour, drama and lots and lots of love!!

Thanks as always to those that linked up last week. My favourite post was from Iona over on redpeffer. A lovely review of The Lost Stars and a wonderful activity to continue on from the story itself.

Now lets get linking. Anyone new, take a look here at what Read With Me is all about. Regular visitor?  Get linking, commenting and if you're feeling generous, displaying my badge.


Happy reading.


  1. I am back to reading and the Addicted series sounds like something I would enjoy will look out for it for my kindle

  2. They sounds good. I'll add them to my reading list - in the right order!

  3. Hi there Chantelle, thanks so much for hosting this fun book party. Have a wonderful day and week.
    Julie @ Julie's Lifestyle

  4. Hello Chantelle! It's nice to be back. I hope you had a great weekend. Thank you for hosting.

  5. Hi, I'm new to the Mummy Blogging World and found you via You Baby Me Mummy. This is a great linky! I haven't managed to find the peace and quiet to read a book for me but once I do I'll be checking out the addicted series! In the meantime I am loving finding books for my little girl. Hope you enjoy my post. x

  6. Hello, I'm linked up for the first time, I look forward to reading through, happy to have found a linky about books x

  7. I'm so happy to have found this linky. We love reading. I try to find time to read for myself but I say don't get as much time as I used to. I do read to Potato every day though :)


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