Tuesday 25 November 2014

Signs of Good Times To Come

So at some point in the future we will finally own our very own house, how close we are to this remains to be seen because the process keeps hitting some rather substantial bumps.

However whilst we wait I have started thinking about what I want our new home to look like.

When we rented we were never allowed to hang things on the walls but this is something I want to change.

I love word art and I want our forever home to be filled with signs of positivity and messages of love.

I've already bought a couple of things ready, these are pictured to the right, I found these in Pound Stretcher and the total cost for the two signs and the coasters was a tiny £5, got to love a bargain. Below I have put together a little mood board showcasing few of the signs/pictures that I'm planning to purchase.

word art signs mood board

1. House rules framed wood print from Next £60 : I'm planning on hanging this gorgeous picture in the hallway. Some wise words to anyone as they walk through the front door.

2. Inspiration typography prints from Wallfry/Etsy £19.66 : I would like to hang one of each of these in the children's bedrooms. Read, play, create, all of these things are so important when you are a child.

3. Bathroom rules sign from Brilliant Wall Art £14.99 : I can't tell you how many times I have said each of the things on this sign. Hopefully the kids and the husband will take note!!

4. Kitchen typo framed print from Very £19 : I have always found the kitchen is the room in the house where everyone seems to gather to talk, it is a room that inspires lots of creativity as the print above portrays.

5. In these moments clock from Occasions Boxed £20 : This clock is such a wonderful reminder of precious moments, This will be a welcom addition to my bedroom wall.

What type of things to you hang on the walls in your house??


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  1. Ah lovely :) it's supposed to be a great way to stay positive because you frequently see your own positive message to yourself.x


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