Wednesday 10 December 2014

When I Grow Up….

A question we are asked often when we are younger, what do we want to be when we grow up? I think the answer changes a lot as we get older. House of Fraser recently posed the question to my children. Asking me to pick items from them which best showcased their chosen career path. Below you can see just what my kids aspire to be at this moment in time :

Layla (2 years old) would like to be a fairy princess (£23).

To be honest I don't think there are many little girls out there who don't think about wearing a tiara and a pretty dress!

Gracie (4 years old) would like to be a nurse like her Auntie Kylie or to be precise she did say she wanted to be a dj nurse, helping others to heal by day and getting them to dance at night :)

There wasn't a nurses outfit available so I thought Doc McStuffin was a good alternative.

Freya (6 years old) wants to be a hairdresser like her mum. She's already mastered the art of plaiting and can put her own hair up with ease.

I chose the Rapunzel styling head as there was plenty of hair there for her to practice different styles with, saves getting the comb stuck in my hair ;)

Elise (9 years old) wants to be an author/illustrator when she grows up. She has written many short stories already.

I chose a lovely Hamleys art set (£15) that was all packed together in a back pack so that she can take it with her and jot down her thoughts wherever she may be at the time.

Below is an example of a poem she wrote too.

So far I think they have picked good career paths to follow. It will be interesting to ask them the same question in a years time and see what their repsonse is then.



  1. Awww, a DJ nurse! That's so imaginative.

  2. Fabulous career paths. I do like the sound of a DJ Nurse, too ;-) x


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