Monday 15 December 2014

Talking International Book Giving Day

I'm already thinking into the future and I have a date for your diary for next year. The 14th of February next year isn't just Valentines day, oh no, it is also going to be International Book Giving day.

Books are so important and the hope on this day is to encourage as many children to get reading as possible.

And to help encourage them, illustrator Chris Haughton has designed a unique and vibrant poster, made to capture everyones attention.

Fingers crossed lots of libraries, schools and bookshops will download, print and display this poster. In turn this will hopefully generate lots of interest, getting people to join together with their love of books and persuade others to give books to children to get them reading!!!

So how can you help on International Book Giving Day? Here are a couple of ideas :

* Gift a book to a friend or family member.

* Leave a book in a waiting room.

* Donate books to your local library or school.

Simple yet effective ways to make books available to more people.

Will you be joining in with International Book Giving Day? Which book do you think you will gift?


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  1. International Book Giving Day is one of my favourite days of the year :)

    Zoe from the book blog 'Playing by the Book' has organised an international book swap that you can join to celebrate the day.


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