Wednesday 24 December 2014

Tidlo Magnetic Number Set Review

Numbers, they're used everywhere, sometimes we don't even realise that we are using them and to be able to recognise them may sound simple but for some it is a difficult thing to grasp in the beginning.

My 4 year old is one of those having difficulty. She can count up to atleast thirty with ease but recognising numbers on a page is proving hard for her.

I was trying to come up with ways to help her, working along with her teachers and we came up with a few methods.

Rhymes worked well when learning her letters so her teacher dug out some number rhymes to see if that would make things click.

To an extent they did. She now recognises 3, 4 and 8 remembering the words used to desribe them. Three looks like handcuffs and is known as thieving three, four has an oar (like on a boat) and 8 is like a long snake.

Repeating really drummed them in to. I purchased a white board so we could easily write them down and rub them back out again. And then I spotted the Tildo Magnetic Number set over on The Toadstool, our white board is magnetic so this was the perfect addition to reinforcing Gracie's learning.

This a wonderful set. Filled with 100 wooden pieces, it includes plenty of numbers but also maths signs so that sums can be made up too.

Each number/mathmatical sign has a different colour and pattern on them, making them more recognisable. Some of the patterns included shapes so this extended the learning by being able to ask what each shape was.

And being wooden means that they have a beautiful finish to them, I can see them lasting extremely well, if the kids don't manage to lose them that is!!

Gracie was taken with them straight away. When we first got them she was still struggling a lot recognising the numbers but as the days went by, she was able to pick them out when I asked for certain numbers, this meant that she could also display them in the correct order on the board.

As well as working by herself, it gave her sister's the opportunity to sit and make up number games with her, making the learning experience more fun. Picking out pairs, making pictures out of the numbers, it was entertaining for me listening to them interacting.

I mentioned earlier in the post that the set also included signs like add, subtract, times and divide. This meant that the set also benefited my older children as they were able to practice sums which they were learning too. A really great tool to help learning things like their times tables.

Currently Gracie now knows numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 and 10 and she is getting to grips with the others and I do believe that this number set has really helped with her learning.

I'd definitely recommend the Tildo  Magnetic Number Set to others, you can obviously use it on a white board like us or have them on the fridge. The set comes in a nice compact box so can be easily stored when not in use too. A helpful learning toy for children of all ages.


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