Monday 1 December 2014

The Book With No Pictures Review

The girls and I were lucky enough to be sent a PDF copy of The Book With No Pictures by B. J. Novak. This book was published earlier this year in the US and quickly made it's way to the top of the New York times bestseller list, infact is has become one of the most talked about children's non picture books of recent times.

the book with no pictures

Seems like a fairly obvious concept to adults and older children if you go by the title, I mean the books I read don't have pictures but what's inside will truly surprise you.

It might seem like no fun to have someone read you a book with no pictures. 

It probably seems boring and serious.


The difference between this non picture book and others is that this one needs to be read following the rules. The reader is required to read the text on the page out loud and that means anything which is written, no matter how ridiculous it might sound.

Ba-DoooNGY FACE!!!

I read this to all my girls and by the end we were all in fits of giggles. It is definitely a reading experience to be shared and it allows your imaginations to work for themselves without the need for illustrations to help you.

Strange words and weird noises had us all trying to work out what they might mean, we all had thoughts on the language used.

The book itself is 35 pages long but because there aren't many words on each page, it remains easy to digest and the fun continues with each turn of the page.

And surprisingly, this is a book that can be read numerous times because each person that reads the story can make it different by changing their voices, loud or quiet, different accents and expressions on their faces. So simple yet extremely effective.

My eldest two daughters extended the book further by reading it to each other and getting the one listening to act out what they were hearing, it made for some seriously entertaining viewing.

Overall a brilliant book, perfect for all families and I think it would also be a great book to be used in schools! Available to buy from the 4th of December, I highly recommend you checking it out.


Disclaimer : I was sent a digital copy of this book foc however all thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. I've seen a video of a guy reading this book to a group of children, they all thought it was hilarious! I'm very curious to read it myself now,


  2. I LOVE this book. It is so much fun to read out loud!!


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