Thursday 5 February 2015

Crunchy Kaleslaw Recipe

My daily diet has changed drastically since the new year, I'm eating a lot healthier and instead of piling my plate high with chips I am opting for chicken, turkey etc accompanied by lots of vegetables and salads.

One of my favourite accompaniments was always coleslaw however upon looking at the ingredients and calorie content I discovered it wasn't so good for me, so I decided to have a go at making my own and I came up with Crunchy Kaleslaw.


* Curly Kale
* White Cabbage
* Red Onion
* Greek Yoghurt
* Lime

I haven't put amounts needed as really it depends on whether you want to make a small portion size or a whole batch to keep in the fridge for the week.


* Have a container that seals ready if you are looking to store your kaleslaw after putting it together.

* Shred the cabbage and slice the red onion.

* In the container mix together your kale, cabbage and red onion.

* At this point spoon in some greek yoghurt and squirt over the juice of the lime (do this a little at a time until it tastes right for you).

* Stir together and it is ready to serve.

crunchy kaleslaw

I love this recipe as it is fairly low in calories and because of the lime it is both refreshing and tangy.



  1. I've just pinched your recipe thanks!! I'm making healthy donner meat that is clean and lean for tea this will go perfectly

  2. Sounds good. Here's my current favourite


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