Monday 16 February 2015

Read With Me 2015 #7

Hello fellow book worms, welcome to this weeks Read With Me. Now I have to admit I have struggled to read an awful lot this week.

read with me
A mixture of reasons really. The hubby has been at home most nights and when he is back we tend to catch up on some TV watching.

The toddler has been a monkey for sleeping this week which leads on to me beingjust too tired to concentrate on a book properly.

It may sound silly but when I don't get to read, I really miss doing it. it's nice to be able to escape to an alternative world every once in a while.

I don't know about you but I can find myself missing a book once I've finished reading it.

One book I did read last week, well re read was Fifty Shades of Grey, not everyones cup of tea but I decided to go and watch the film at the weekend and wanted to refresh my memory.

I have to say it was true to the book in so many ways although not  as steamy as I'd like ;) but I felt it was made to be more like a rom com.

Enough of my chat. My favourite post from last week was from Boo Roo and Tigger too, she reviewed a wonderful book called How Lion Became King of Tinga Tinga Land, the illustrations are truely captivating.

Now onto the all important link up. New? Take a look here at what Read With Me is all about. Regualr? Get linking, commenting and please display my badge if possible.


Happy reading.


  1. I am excited to be no 2 with my latest children's book review. I have shared your link up around the social media blogosphere

  2. OOPS! Just realized I already linked up that post> hope that is ok?

  3. thanks for hosting, and I was more than happy to mention your linky on #pbloggers chat last night. I love seeing what everyone else is reading for ideas

  4. Linked up thank you! Back to comment later x

  5. I shall be linking up in 3,2 ,1 ....

    We'll have to agree to disagree about 50 shades ;-) Give me a gentle children's book any day over Mr Grey.

  6. Thanks for hosting - hope you have a fabulous week!

    In addition to The Book Nook, I host several other parties as well. Stop by and check them out - would love for you to join us! :-)

  7. Thanks for this great link up and commenting on my site. Much appreciated

  8. Thanks for hosting again. I'm looking for something new to read so hopefully the fellow bloggers will provide some inspiration.
    Ali xx

  9. Mine is seriously cheating this week. No books, hefty serious documents though! Back next week with a real book! 😄


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