Friday 20 March 2015

We Heart Cheerios

low sugar oat cheerios
It is no secret that we love Nestle cereal in this house, especially those cheery little o's. Did you know that Cheerios recently released a new low sugar oat version that has just 1.4g of sugar per serving, great news for all those families who are trying to follow a balanced and nutritional diet.

Anyway, to show the love, my girls and I were asked if we'd like to first try the cereal and then get creative. I've made cakes with cheerios before but never any art so I thought this could be a fun task.

I can firstly confirm that these O's are certainly just as tasty as normal cheerios, the pack that we were sent has already been devoured.

We were sent a pretty impressive crafting pack along with our Cheerios which contained all the materials we would need to get creative including ribbon, wire, pipe cleaners paper, scissors and glue.

The girls were eager to get crafting, we were trying to keep the creations heart themed and below is what they managed to come up with :

A door hanger.

A card.

A ring.

And that's when we ran out of heart ideas so we made a bookmark instead.

The only trouble after making them all was that they wanted to eat the cheerios that they'd crafted…



  1. Ooo I'd never heard of these before. My little guy cant have standard Cheerios any more as he has to avoid gluten. I wonder if these, being oat only, are GF? I'll definitely have a look. But what a lovely crafty way to use them none the less! Great post!

  2. Milk Chocolate Is My Favourite

  3. Lucas says - Awesome work. Sometimes we need to craft when we're eating and these look brilliant. I'm a big fan of the book mark.
    Grace says - Fab and I love your outfit too!
    Thanks for linking to #minicreations


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