Tuesday 10 March 2015

Weekly Weigh In 10.3.15

So the last couple of updates I was back on track, losing weight slowly but steadily but last week I was struck down with illness, it was like I had the flu without the cold. Constantly going hot and cold, shovers, aches and pains and absolutely no energy. As a result I have to admit I did no exercise last week. Well I walked around etc but no workouts, I honestly just couldn't manage it.

However I did stick to eating relatively healthily, I admit to making a small chocolate brownie mug cake after watching the Great British Bake Off, taps own hand.

This made be reluctant to step on the scales this week but the results are in, I put back on the 1lb and half that I'd lost over the past 2 weeks. Disappointing but honestly I kind of knew that would be the case.

I also retook my measurements which I'm happy to say remained the same as last week so not all bad.

Starting afresh this week, I'm slowly introducing the workouts back in as I'm still not 100% but I can't put it off any longer.

Food wise I'm happy with the direction I've been heading in. I'm allowing myself the odd treat and I'm not feeling as guilty after consuming them. My meal plan for this week :

Breakfast - porridge, smoothies or frozen yoghurt

Lunch - soup or scrambled egg with crackers, sushi or toast with peanut butter and cottage cheese

Dinner -

Monday - Spicy lentils
Tuesday - Jacket potato and beans (old faithful)
Wednesday - Green vegetable and pesto spaghetti topped with pine nuts
Thursday - Turkey and spinach fritata
Friday - This will be a junk food night as the girls have friends sleeping over so pizza is being ordered
Saturday - Veggie burger and sweet potato fries
Sunday - Roast dinner

Drink wise, I had a few drinks with the husband over the weekend so no booze for me this week, lots of water and green tea are on the menu, with the odd black coffee thrown in ;)

How's everyone else been doing? Do you still exercise when you feel poorly?



  1. Make sure you feel better - don't worry about not working out, exercise is horrendous when you don't feel well. Sounds like a fantastic meal plan - huge fan of scrambled egg - and looks like you have Friday sorted out! ;) Enjoy and hope you have a good week! Sim #WeightLossWednesday xx

  2. Feel better! Being sick is the worst! And you have 4 little ones to take care of at the same time. Hope you're feeling better, and enjoy your gal weekend.


  3. Thanks for visiting my blog. Hope you will get better soon.


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