Tuesday 24 March 2015

Weekly Weigh In 24.03.2015

Almost a quarter of the way through the year and I'm still sticking with this whole weight loss thing even though I don't feel like any big changes have happened so far.

I was talking to my husband the other day and I said despite not really changing my body, I actually enjoy the lifestyle I've taken on. The healthier foods are far tastier, I'm cooking a lot more fresh foods and being more adventurous with my recipes and most days I actually look forward to doing some exercise.

Weighing in this week, I was scared to step on the scales as my period is trying to make an appearance so I was expecting a couple of exra pounds to go back on but surprisingly I lost 1/2 a lb.

My measurements altered slightly on the waist, putting on 1/2 an inch but my hips are still the same
slightly disappointing but I'm using the excuse of bloating!!

Food wise I've had some ice cream, some chocolate and even some crisps but I what I'm proud of is I've not gone overboard, a couple of spoonfuls of ice cream, 2 squares of chocolate, a handful or crisps and that was more than enough. I had a treat without pigging out which is quite a big change for me.

My meal plan for this week :

Breakfast - quinoa bake, porridge, yoghurt or smoothie

Lunch - soup, sushi, wholemeal toast with either avocado and egg or peanut butter and banana slices

Dinner -

Monday - jacket potato with tuna and saladfish
Tuesday - fillet with cous cous and vegetables
Wednesday - turkey mince chilli with brown rice
Thursday - wholemeal toasted bagel with salmon and rocket
Friday - beef and asparagus stir fry
Saturday - chicken salad with cashew nuts
Sunday - slow cooked pork roast dinner

Drink wise, I finally received my 2 week teatox in the post which I started yesterday so I'll report back next week as to whether it makes any difference. I've started drinking the odd cup of black coffee again to because according to a lot of articles it can actually aid weight loss and who am I to argue if I'm getting my caffeine fix.

Hope everyone has managed to keep on their weight loss journey. Let me know in the comments any tips you've picked up along the way.



  1. I've spent years trying to shift my baby tummy and just a few kilos and yet every year I end up with just another pound or so to shift. I find it's about being happy with yourself, eating healthily and reasonable exercise, i.e. walk to shops instead of taking the car. Enjoy the little treats from time to time

  2. You're doing so well! I really struggle to limit chocolate as it's all I crave all day every day, diet or no diet so I am in awe of you this week ;). #bloggingtojogging

  3. I know what you mean about experimenting more, I don't think I have ever purchased as much veg, salad and fruit as I have this year so far - and we have tried new varieties which can only be a good thing for the mini me, means she will be less fussy!
    Well done on your loss this week, it is all adding up!
    Savoury snacks are my thing and whereas I used to eat the whole bag, now tend to just empty into a small kids bowl and happily enjoy them without feeling guilty.

    Glad you are doing well chick - the food as always looks amazing - unfortunately I have still not found the magic weight loss elixir, but I have started drinking more black coffee again - it's almost like a guilty pleasure so treated myself to the good stuff... which is hidden away! ;) Sim x #WeightLossWednesday

  4. I follow you on instagram and always want your food. You make healthy look tasty! Think I might have to steal some of your meal plan! #weightlosswednesday

  5. I follow you on instagram and always want your food. You make healthy look tasty! Think I might have to steal some of your meal plan! #weightlosswednesday

  6. Well done for sticking with it - it's so frustrating when the scales don't budge, and damn those hormones and their water retaining capabilities! It's not easy! #weightlosswednesday

  7. Can't wait to see the results from the Teatox I'm considering this myself I also use Noom app for tracking it's fab


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