Friday 17 April 2015

Everything Can Be Made #BetterWithCake

I love cake, I mean it must be true because my Twitter profile says so. It is one thing that I just can't give up and maybe the reason for that is because I know that everything can be made #betterwithcake, something that Mr Kipling most certainly knows too.

I mean what's not to love. The sweet tastes. The wonderful textures, sometimes gooey, sometimes crumbly, all good feelings in my mouth. Just the look of cake has me smiling, all the icing and don't get me started on marzipan.

Cakes can even say things, Merry Christmas, Happy Easter, Happy Birthday or perhaps a simple thank you, if you're struggling for words simply say it with cake.

Mr Kipling recently joined forces with Britmums asking some of us bloggers to share our #betterwithcake moments and believe me there have been a lot of those in the Hazelden house.

One of my favourite better with cake moments is actually the baking of the cakes. A brilliant family time activity, something my kids and I do often. Just take a look at our recent creation of dark chocolate and walnut blondies, I've got you wanting cake now haven't I!!!

dark chocolate and walnut blondes

And it isn't just baking the cakes, remember there are bowls to be licked whilst the cake is baking too.

My afternoon caffeine fix is always made better with cake. Just look at how the cherry bakewell below manages to make my afternoon cup of coffee magically more appealing. Cake and a cuppa, match made in heaven in my opinion. And of course it isn't exclusive to coffe, any hot drink and cake combo will suffice.

And of course meal times are also made better with cake. Whether it be a picnic at the park, an after dinner treat (got to love pudding) or eating al fresco on a sunny day. Cake adds the finishing touch to any dish.

If you can't tell by the tone of my post I really do love cake. I'd quite happily eat cake for breakfast although I'm not sure that my hips and ever expanding waist line would thank me if I started to do that on a regular basis.

What moments have been made #betterwithcake for you recently?


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  1. You are so right about cakes being able to say things. Had never thought about that before but will now. Great post. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part.


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