Tuesday 14 April 2015

Weekly Weigh In 14.04.2015

Ok so I'm going to put my hands up and say I struggled last week. The husband was off and my will power failed. I indulged in all sorts of treats, which included far too much alcohol. With all this in mind I was fully expecting the scales to throw out some evil numbers. However I actually managed to lost 2lb!!!

My measurements on my waist stayed the same but I've lost and inch on my hips which I'm really happy with.

Great results for a change.

So exercising this week I'm continuing with the Bikini Guide workout that I started, yesterday saw the start of week 3 and even though it is tough it is certainly worth the effort. I'm also making more of an effort on the running front, each time I go out my pace is getting faster and the distance I'm running is increasing.

Food wise, I've banished the junk and I'm determined to not add any junky snacks outside of my meal plan. I have been researching healthy desserts and I've found a few recipes that should kerb my sweet tooth cravings.

Dinner :

Monday - Water melon and feta quinoa salad
Tuesday - Huevos rancheros
Wednesday - Beef stir fy
Thursday - Chicken and cashew nut lettuce cups
Friday - Vegetable chilli
Saturday - Dinner out (picking healthy choice)
Sunday - Roast chicken

Drink wise I'm not drinking any alcohol this week, my body definitely needs a break from it. Lots of water is what I have in mind, as well as green tea and black coffee.



  1. Totally with you, I did have a couple of beers last week when sitting out in the garden but am treating my body like a temple this week... water all the way! I need to check out this Bikini Diet workout - not that I see myself in a bikini in the foreseeable future but anything to help hey! ;)
    Well done on a fantastic loss this week - all the food looks amazing and is making me rather hungry! :) Sim #WeightLossWednesday x

  2. Well done on an unexpected loss this week!
    I definitely need to up my water intake too, I just find it far too easy to reach for a sugary drink

  3. You've got to allow a little indulgence every so often lovely, sounds like you're getting back on track though!Thanks for linking up with #BloggingToJogging xx

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  5. My kids are ever so good in the car, a good DVD at the back of the car do the trick and they usually sleep if long trip.


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