Tuesday 2 June 2015

Holiday Indulgence

Up until now I think I've been doing a pretty good job at losing/maintaining the weight. That is until the half term holidays hit last week.

I'm quite sure I'm not the only one that struggles with food over the holidays. Whether staying at home or holidaying abroad, it is hard not to over indulge.

Days out, ice creams on hot days, take aways as treats and then of course alcohol comes into play too, well it was a bank holiday too.

I've tried to maintain an attitude of not feeling guilty for allowing myself a week off the healthy eating and if I am honest I've not been overly bad, but my efforts have slipped. The 80 to 20 ratio went to a more 50 to 50 ratio and for the first time in weeks I missed a days exercise on Sunday.

All of this accumulated in weight inevitably being put on.

As always I'm trying not to beat myself up over it and I am straight back on the wagon, working out twice yesterday and having a day away from carbs.

However last week also made me realise something else (I know I'm having all of these food revelations lately), I say I stick to an 80 to 20 ratio on a daily basis as to how much healthy versus junk that I eat but I guess I should be applying this to weeks, months and the whole year rather than just days. So when I think that was one bad week out of 6 months of the year, then really I'm not doing half bad at all.

A little indulgence wasn't detrimental to the whole of my well being and atleast I enjoyed what I consumed and with the kids back at school for the next 8 weeks, I've got plenty of time to get myself back into a regular routine re my diet and exercise.

Although I obviously need start working on my will power as a week is ok but with 6 weeks of Summer holidays to look forward to, I'll need to find a way to allowing a bit of indulgence without letting it escalate into excessive eating. Any tips would be appreciated.


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  1. Like you say hun, one week out of six months is pretty good going! I always struggle during the holidays too. I can't say I've got many tips for the six-weeks holidays, they're my biggest downfall! Good luck. xx


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