Saturday 6 June 2015

Project 365 2015 Week 23

So June has arrived and it could have finally bought Summer with it, I mean apart from the Thunder storm we had yesterday. It was the girls first week back at school after half term and hubby was back on nights, back to normality.

We were told that the car had been written off and unfortunately we weren't offered as much as we'd like for our car so ended up having to put money towards another one, so what do we get.? Well the same car really just a couple of years younger, that's as far as our budget would stretch. We've now just got to go through the process of getting our excess back…

Enough of my moaning onto this weeks pictures.

Day 151

An utterly miserable day spent being lazy.

Day 152

Layla persuaded daddy to buy her some new leggings.

Day 153

Ok so June didn't automatically mean Summer, it was still pretty cold, that cold that Layla was using her socks for gloves..

Day 154

Another day, another pile of washing to sort through.

Day 155

Sunny outside but we were stuck in while we had brick work sorted on our house so Layla and I done some puzzles.

Day 156

National Donut Day, who am I to refuse….

Day 157

Getting out in the sun, which of course means ice creams all round.


  1. Oh no sorry to hear about your car, I glad you were able to get out in the sunshine by the end of the week though.

  2. Love the ice cream photos! Looks like they're enjoying them and the sunshine :) Sorry to hear about the car, what a pain :(

  3. oohhh warm enough for ice cream and sandals, better than we have had.
    Yum yum custard doughnuts.
    Love the sock gloves, and those leggings are great

  4. Those donuts are a bargain! My daughter tried to persuade me to buy her an ice cream today, but we could only find weird flavours she wouldn't like!

  5. Those leggings are awesome! I want them.....hehehe
    Oh wow! Bargain doughnuts! I thought the one's from Tesco were cheap for about 60 odd pence a pack x

  6. Sorry to hear about your car. What a pain. You have taken some great photos this week. I absolutely love those leggings. Could do with a pair myself!

  7. I have a huge pile of washing to sort through, it is never ending, isn't it. We finished the week on ice creams too!

  8. Car sounds a nightmare, custard donuts are a favourite here too

  9. Looks like summer has finally arrived in the last photo! Sorting out car problems are a real pain in the backside so good luck x

  10. i had no idea there was a national donut day and why didn't i know about it?

  11. Ah lovely end to the week with ice creams! Loving those minion leggings - so fab!

  12. What a shame about the car. I'd be devasted if anyone did harm to my car.
    Great pic of the girls all posing with their ice-creams.

  13. Sorry to hear about your car!! I am loving those leggings!

  14. Sorry to hear about your car. We are willing ours to keep going to give us some time to save for another one. Love those leggings x


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