Friday 19 June 2015

#Summerdaysout With Petits Filous

My kids are ruled by the stomachs, even when they are not at home they've come to expect food at certain times of the day. Snacks on the go are a must, especially on days out and now that Summer is slowly making an appearance time out of the house is becoming more frequent.

We were recently provided with vouchers to purchase some of the new Petits Filous pouches. Available in three different flavours : apricot, raspberry and strawberry, these yogurts are packed full of yummy goodness.

petits filous pouches

And what goodness is that I hear you ask?!!

Vitamin D and calcium to help build strong bones, no artificial colours or sweetneres, no added preservatives, gluten free and suitable for vegetarians, this is the snack that is perfect for any child (or parent).

So what's new? Well the yogurt is still the same (hooray) however the packaging has changed. Don't worry you can still buy their convinient pots but the new pouches have been designed to make outdoor snacking easier.

petits filous pouches

What stands out is that each pouch is resealable, no need to worry about yogurt escaping and covering any items you may have in your bag/changing bag, this has happened to me before and I'm sure many of you know that this isn't the easiest mess to clean up.

Another plus for parents is that a spoon isn't needed, the yogurt is consumed by squeezing the pouch and sucking it out of the spout at the top. This in turn means no washing up and fingers crossed less spillage. I can't tell you how many times yogurt has been dropped off the spoon onto clothes or the carpet.

Now I wouldn't be testing these pouches out properly if I didn't take the kids out with them, so just where have we been with our Petits Filous pouches??

Well even Summer days can be rainy days so my youngest daughter actually had her first try sat at our dining room table at home. Layla is coming up to three and needed a little help squeezing the last bit of the yogurt out of the pouch.

A real test was letting her have one whilst she was sat in her pushchair when we went for a walk. The yogurt definitely got the thumbs up from me in the instance, no pesky crumbs left over the seat and with the lid screwed back on it was no bother waiting to find a bin to throw away the empty pouch.

Our last stop, the library. It was nice not having to rush off, with the Petits Filous pouch with us I was able to sit and read Layla a book whilst she filled her tummy, no fuss and no mess.

I think my only real problem with these pouches is that because the contents need to ideally be kept refrigerated you should really have some sort of cool bag/ice pack with you to keep them cool, especially on really hot days.

Overall I can see these becoming a family favourite. Perfect not only for snacks but ideal to pack in a scrummy picnic/lunch. Tasty yet healthy, appealing to everyone, not just kids!!



  1. We love petits filous but I didn't know they came in pouches. I find myself throwing away half eaten pots sometimes, I like that you can close and reuse these!

  2. I know this is aimed at kids but I am a sucker for petit filous...had no idea that you could get them in pouches!


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