Thursday 20 August 2015

Barbecue Weather

I adore this time of year. Summer generally means good weather and that of course gives us perfect opportunity to eat alfresco. Eating outside is a real bonus as it means less to clear up inside the house too. And of course the sunshine is perfect barbecue weather, I mean who doesn't love eating a good burger?!

I'm not sure if anyone else is the same but whenever we throw a barbecue, even if it is just for us, we end up catering for the masses but this doesn't need to be expensive. I've mentioned before about finding many food items a lot cheaper at aldi and barbecue essentials are no exception.

Burgers, sausages, chicken, pork, you name it and Aldi have got it and all at amazing prices. The last barbecue we had, I managed to buy way too much for food for less than £30.

One of my favourite buys was their kebabs, the girls favoured the beef ones whilst I had a soft spot for the minted lamb ones and priced at £1.49 for a pack of four they come highly recommended!!

This is the one meal that the hubby is in charge of cooking and this he happens to cheat at, I'm ashamed to admit that we don't own a proper barbecue, we actually cook all of our meat on our George Foreman grill.

However this does make the food healthier because all the fat drips off but amazingly the hubby still manages to give the meat that wonderful "chargrilled" texture that we know and love.

The kids would quite happily keep on eating as long as dad keeps on cooking, this is one time when the saying "eyes bigger than belly" really happens. Although I'm not complaining because it also means that they are quiet, I know shock, horror, kids can actually stop talking!

It isn't all meat though, there are the accompanying sides to be eaten too, we always have jacket potatoes and lots of salad, sometimes a bit of rainbow pasta as well. Oh and not forgetting the alcohol, can anyone say pimms o'clock?

But no barbecue is complete until you've eaten the classic burger. I like to eat mine with lettuce, tomato, cheese and garlic mayonnaise, either in a bap or a seeded bun.

My question is how do you eat yours?


Disclaimer : I was sent vouchers towards the cost of my barbecue however all thoughts and opinions are my own.
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  1. Love ALDI! We haven't had many BBQs this year as the weather has truly sucked here. (Although typically as the schools go back and Finn has returned to Nursery the sun starts to shine..) Anyway.....I love halloumi cheese on the bbq, stick that in your burger next time...amazing!

  2. Love a good BBQ love Aldi even more!! Just had one open across the road amazing! I'm not a huge burger fan but I'll def give the lamb kebabs a go not had those before! Great inspiration thanks! #foodpornthursdays

  3. I would buy these if they sold them in the store here. I love lamb and so does the rest of my clan. We usually get a couple of locally farm raised ones and then take them to the butcher who packages them for freezer ready. Now as for a hot dog I actually prefer mine without a bun. I smother it in mustard and dill relish and eat it like that. Thanks for sharing with #foodpornthursdays.


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