Wednesday 26 August 2015

Ben and Holly Thistle Castle Review

We were recently sent the wonderful Ben and Holly Thistle Castle playset to review as well as a set of figurines to help make the place come alive. This magical castle has plenty of hidden features to help keep your little ones entertained for hours.

 It comes complete with Princess Holly, floating magical throne, treasure chest and so many more exciting elements built in. Layla was keen to start playing with it, couldn't wait for the packaging to be taken off.

On the top floor of the castle you will find a slide hidden underneath the toy box, the treasure within the treasure box suddenly disappears and stiring the ladle in the magic couldron reveals food in the fridge and a picture that previously wasn't there on the wall!! You can even discover nanny's book of spels if you search hard enough.

The throne has little slots ready for Holly to place her legs in when she needs a rest from all of the discoveries she is making.

Or she also has the option of laying down in her bed when the end of the day comes. There is a nice Holly shaped hole in the bed so that she fits in perfectly, she won't be able to roll off.

For a plastic toy it is well made, no flimsy pieces and nothing that can be easily broken. What is really good is that it all comes in one piece, no fiddly little bits that need slotting together, no instructions that need to be followed (or not followed in the case of my husband).

Again a nice thing is that even though there are moving parts, no batteries are needed, your children make all the fun with their imaginations. Of course the added bonus for parents, no noise or annoying musicical sounds!

And with the added figures there are many exciting adventures to be had. Each of the figures comes with a little stand so that they can be made to stand all by themselves. What I would have liked is if they were posable, ie moving arms and legs but I can appreciate that the size of them probably made this difficult to achieve.

My girls played wonderfully with this, both together and by themselves. They also made the most of playing with the figures away from the playset too. It was lovely hearing the games they were making up, using what they remember from watching the episodes on the TV.

Priced at £24.99 for the castle and £9.95 for the added pack of figures, it is well worth the money in my opinion, entertaining for the kids, lets their imaginations run wild and what parent doesn't love a little bit of peace and quiet as their child pays.


Disclaimer : I was sent these toys FOC however all thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. This looks great! My girls would absolutely love it x

  2. This castle playset looks great - looks like your girls are having so much fun with it :-)

  3. Thanks for the detailed review, i have been thinking to buy it for my daughter, i am sure now that she will enjoy it.

  4. We love Ben and Holly! This castle looks awesome! So many hidey holes and cool features x #TriedTested

  5. Aww! This looks such fun! What a great set x

  6. Even as a boy Matthew loves Ben and holly. I nearly got this for his birthday. Might be an option for xmas. #TriedandTested


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