Wednesday 26 August 2015

Bratz Are Back

Bratz are back. Cloe, Yasmin, Jade and Sasha, along with their newest bestie Raya have been relaunched with not only a new look but a new ethos too. Appealing to the latest generation of young girls, this exciting new line includes five different collections of dolls and playsets which includes :

Bratz Hello My Name Is
Bratz #SelfieSnaps
Bratz Fierce Fitness
Bratz Study Abroad
Bratz #SnowKissed

bratz fierce fitness cloe
Bratz have always been know for being diverse and resonating with girls and the newest dolls to hit the shelves are no different. The main difference is the digital content and webisodes that go alongside these toys, bringing them into the digital age.

bratz fierce fitness cloe

My girls were asked to choose one of the dolls to review, I opted for one of the Fierce Fitness range as I'm trying to teach the girls about exercise, looking after their bodies etc so I felt this was a good fit with our lifestyle.

bratz fierce fitness cloe

We received Cloe (thank you Bratz as apparently this is their favourite character). This collection is priced at £16.99 per doll and each character has their own healthy hobbies which they like to engage in. Cloe loves hiking so she comes complete with a backpack, binoculars, drinks bottles and visor. Oh and not forgetting the hairbrush incase she happens to get a tad wind swept.

These dolls are known for their fashion sense and they don't disappoint now. Camo trousers, cropped tops, fashionable and up with the latest trends, Bratz are definitely trendy and this won't fail to catch the eyes of girls looking for new toys to play with.

Flexible arms and legs which are bendy rather than poseable, my girls had an abundance of fun using their imaginations to take Cloe on great adventures. You can see from the picture below that my three year old had her climbing tents (I'm reliably informed that this was infact a mountain).

The accompanying accessories added to the gameplay. The visor of course keeping the sun out of Cloe's eyes, the drinks bottle allowing her to rehydrate after a long day of walking. A lot of thought went into these dolls, tiny details like and added watch on her wrist, or could it be a smart watch or perhaps a fitbit?

The gameplay is endless. Allowing kids to get creative and also showing them alternative activities and hobbies that they could perhaps start doing themselves, a brilliant way of allowing children to express themselves through pretend play. 

And athough aimed at girls, I wouldn't prevent boys from playing with these dolls, if anything it would be great to see boy dolls added to the range!

Overall my girls and I were impressed. My girls ages range from 3-9 years old and each one of my daughters enjoyed playing with Cloe in their own ways. It is great to see these well known dolls back in toy stores, I can see these being top of many Christmas lists this year!

Disclaimer : I was sent this doll  FOC for reviewing purposes however all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. That doll has the same trainers as my eldest! I will be buying my girls a lot of dolls this xmas! xx


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