Tuesday 11 August 2015

My Health and Fitness Routine Right Now

Routine is something that has always worked with my kids and I think the same can me said to me. If I'm a bit strict and do things at certain times etc each day then I tend to stick to it. It's taken me til this point in the year to sort out what really works for me and my body so I thought I'd share my typical healthy and fitness routine with you all.

Obviously what works for me may not work for you, I think as with a lot of situations it is trial and error to discover what suits you personally.

A normal day for me starts off at 6am, I know I know you are all thinking that's fricking early but if I didn't set my alarm for this time then I wouldn't get any exercise done.

That's right I work out at 6am 5-6 days a week, difficult somedays but totally worth it as I'm always left feeling awake and energetic.

As I mentioned in last weeks post I've recently started a new exercise regime, a mix of HIIT, resistance and normal cardio. I find mixing things up tends to keep me motivated and what I love is that it takes 30-45 minutes but because I'm doing it on an empty stomach it tends to burn more calories. After exercising I always have a protein shake, I make mine with water instead of milk to keep my calorie intake down.

Around 10am I'll have a black coffee and if I'm feeling peckish I'll have something like a snack bar, my favourites are nakd, the paleo pantry or bounce balls. Now you're probably thinking I haven't had breakfast but there is conflicting advice on this, some say breakfast is the most important meal of the day but I've found that I can control my weight better by skipping breakfast.

12/1pm is when I make myself dinner, I always try and have my main meal in the middle of the day as this gives me the rest of the day to work off those calories. This is also when I eat carbs, trying to stick to a low carb diet I try to only have them once a day as they always leave me bloated.

After the school pick up it's time for a cuppa, green tea is my drink of choice, this is also snack time, normally I'll reach for something like a banana, apple or grapes or in the hot weather a homemade smoothie ice lolly.

I eat my last meal around 7.30/8pm as this is when the hubby gets home from work and on good days I won't eat anything else until at least 10am the following day. This means my body is going 14-16 hours each day without any food. Typical meal choices are some sort of salad or a smoothie bowl.

With all my meals I try to make sure there is a good amount of protein in them whether that be through meats, pulses, beans or things like chia seeds. This is because protein helps when it comes to building muscles and in recovery from workouts.

That is my typical day and again I'm not saying that this is a diet that everyone should follow, this is what works for me in helping me maintain the weight I have managed to reach and aiding in the toning and muscle building that I'm aiming to achieve over all.

I'd love to hear what works for you? Is it a certain diet or just a lifestyle you have always followed??



  1. I follow you on Instagram and your food pics always look lush! I am new to the whole healthy eating things after joining slimming world. I feel I need to follow a plan or I wont stick to it at all. I am hoping to build in swimming when my children return to school in September

  2. I am a great fan of routine, especially when dieting. Dieting can really take over your life, but if you have set times etc, everything just fits into place. I really do need to look into HIIT, keep meaning to start Insanity again, however I am stuck in my routine now and feel it is time for a little shake up! You always make your meals look so appetising and pretty! Hope you are well and having a lovely week! Sim #WeightLossWednesday x

  3. I think you're right routine does really help - I am super impressed at your 6am workouts. I have been getting up at 6.30am these last two weeks to take my son swimming and it's hard work! I think your food pics on instagram always look amazing too :)

  4. I really need to get into some kind of routine - I hate getting up that early though, ha! I used to go running after the kids had gone to bed, need to get back into that I think. I do like to have 3 meals a day though and with Slimming World I find I can still have 3 big meals and still lose weight! Like you said though different things work for different people x #weighloseorstay


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