Tuesday 15 September 2015

Preparing for Exercising in Colder Weather

Autumn has definitely arrived. I've already started delving into my warmer clothes. Think jumpers, hats and boots. I do like to get snug. Trouble I find with the colder weather is getting out and exercising. The cooler temperatures and also the fact that it starts to get darker of evening times, I struggle to find the right workout gear to wear so I've made myself a little wishlist of clothes, you know preparing for exercising in the colder weather.

cold weather exercise gear (sports direct, sportsshoes.com, run 4 it, amazon

Above you will see a mix of clothes that I think will be suitable for the next few months if I want to carry on running outdoors like I have been.

1. Nike Racer Long Sleeved Running Top (£12 Sports Direct)

I've opted for the lime green colouring as hopefully this will mean that I'll be seen better in the dark/bad weather. Also the top isn't too thick as even when cold outdoors, my body temperature sores when running for a long time.

2. Nike Dri Fit Running Tights (£24 Sports Direct)

Again I've picked the ones that have a lime colouring on them. I also like these because they have a zip up pocket to put my nano in.

3. Touch screen gloves (£1.68 Amazon)

Not only can I keep my hands warm but I can still use my nano or phone at the same time.

4. Nike Element Shield FZ Running Jacket (£50 Run 4 It)

I occasionally like to go out running in the rain and going by the description this jacket should be able to keep me dry but allow me to stay cool at the same time.

5. Haglofs Gram AM Q GT Women's Gore Tex Waterproof Trail Running Shoes (£59.99 sportsshoes.com)

I love everything about these, lightweight and breathable but amazingly waterproof too. And again in a lovely stand out colour.

Now to find the money to purchase all these items. Do you have any recommendations for outdoor workout gear for the colder weather??



  1. Love those, great picks! I love the leggings!! #bloggingtojogging

  2. Some fab choices there. I need to sort out my winter running gear as I haven't got anything as yet x

  3. Great picks, I love the lime green!


  4. They look great and some of them are good prices too - gloves are a must I find, but I am often too chicken and do my excercise indoors in the winter


  5. Great picks, I love the colour to make you stand out in the dark. No suggestions for raising the money thought I'm afraid! I wear a running baseball cap when it's raining too to keep the rain off of my face a bit. Thanks for linking up with #BloggingToJogging xx


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