Wednesday 2 September 2015

Everyone Loves a Toy Delivery

Toys, our house is filled with them but the girls never seem to have enough so when I was asked by House of Fraser if I'd like to choose some new toys for the girls, I took advantage of their recent sale to find something new to keep them occupied and a toy for the husband biggest kid may have jumped in the basket too. I mean everyone loves a toy delivery right?

There is such a range of products to choose from ranging from babies right up to the adults who still like to indulge in a bit of child's play. It was a difficult decision what I should purchase.

I finally decided on four items something to entertain each of my girls and one for their dad in the hopes that he'd share.

We received : 

Jacks Hamster Ball
Jacks Activity Playmat
Luvley at Hamleys Nailtastic Funky
Lego Star Wars Mini Millenium Falcon 

All of these toys together came in at less than £30, which I do believe is quite a bargain and the girls got stuck in playing straight away.

The playmat is an ideal size for little ones and with numbers and letters placed around the outside of it, it becomes a great learning tool as well as being the perfect entertainment for these rainy days we've been having.

Our new pet hamster got named and quickly became the most played with toy at the moment. Running around in its little ball the girls quite frequently end up sat around in a circle watching the hamster roll around between them.

The only problem I found was thathe became stuck at times and ended up getting a tad dizzy shall we say.

Now I though the nail varnishes would be ideal for my eldest girls butended up becoming a "nail artist" and doing all of their nails. The clever things with these is that there is a hidden nib at the end allowing you to draw, dab on different designs. A great way to get creative.

As a parent I liked these nail varnishes as they weren't long lasting either, they peeled off when in the bath.

Our final toy has yet to come out of the box as poor daddy has been working so hasn't had a chance to open it up yet much to the girls disappoint. I have a feeling lots more Lego will be requested for Christmas!

And yes I did mention the C word, lets be honest it will come round quick so it's worth checking out these toys and getting some present buying ticked off the list early.



  1. Love House of Fraser for their kids clothes and toys. Always a great selection x

  2. Looks like a great haul for £30, seems good value. Pickle would love the hamster :) Kaz x


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