Monday 26 October 2015

Aliens Love Dinopants Book Review

You must all know by now that Aliens love underpants as of course do many other people including monsters, dinosaurs and pirates. Well those loveable aliens are back in a new book, Aliens Love Dinopants.

A band of pants-mad aliens zoomed down here, when surprise! Bright lightning hit their spaceship, bang! And hurled them from the skies…

Crash-landing on DINOSAUR territory could be bad news - but you'll never guess what happens next in this hilarious all-new-knickers-nicking adventure!

This is the seventh instalment in the very funny underpants series written by Claire Freedman and Ben Cort. Having sold over 2 million copies worldwide, I've come to expect great things from each new book in this series, these are books that my children borrow regularly from the library.

Aliens Love Dinpants sees those clever little aliens working together with their biggest rivals… the dinosaurs! eeekkkk. The question is will they be able to put aside their differences to pinch those ever enticing underpants?

My 7 year old Freya shares with you her thoughts on the book :

I loved the book it was really funny. I wouldn't like to be in those times though. I would love to have a whole set to read every night like Aliens love panta claus or Monsters love underpants. If i was in those times I would get killed straight away which wouldn't be good. Thank you for our book.

Signature illustrations that are bright and lets be honest, hilarious mixed in with the poetic like words, together tell a light hearted tale that will thoroughly entertain your children. And of course there is a lesson to be learnt in it all, team work.

A great addition to the already brilliant series. A collection of books that every child needs on their bookshelf!


Disclaimer : I was sent this book FOC for reviewing purposes however all thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. We're huge fans of the Aliens series - great to see that there's a new one out in time for Christmas.

    Our favourite is still Aliens love Panta Claus :)

  2. Oh, this looks fantastic! I've actually never read any of the Aliens Love Underpants books with S... perhaps it's time I did!

  3. We've never read Aliens Love Underpants! This one looks fab too! Must now go in search of them both!

  4. We love these books, but don't have this one yet. Have added to our list! I love this: "If i was in those times I would get killed straight away which wouldn't be good." Classic! #readwithme

  5. We love books in this series. I didn't know there was a new one though

  6. I didn't know they had another book. Z is mad about the underpants one, I think I know it off by heart.


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