Saturday 24 October 2015

#DWTrickOrTreat Challenge Round Up One

The lovely people over at DW Fitness kindly set myself and some fellow bloggers a Trick or Treat Challenge. Over 13 days we were to receive a new task every day but we weren't to know whether they'd be to our liking or not.

The challenge started on Monday, we are 5 days in and this is how my week has gone so far….

Day One

The task was to do 10 burpees before each and every meal I consumed. Now I didn't manage to get photos of this but my children will confirm they had great fun laughing at me doing this all day!!

Day Two

Treat day, yay. We were allowed to go and get some scrummy fruit out of the fridge. I opted for strawberries, sweet yet still good for me :)

Day Three

Another treat, I think they may well have been lulling us into a false sense of security… We were allowed to relax with a nice herbal brew. Wednesday is my normal rest day so this worked out perfectly for me. I put my feet up with a nice cup of green tea and some crumpets to boot.

Day Four

The trick, get planking. Now although this is meant to be a trick, I secretly like this exercise, get working that core! Notice my little photobomber didn't fancy doing it with me.

Day Five

More trucks, with the weekend coming up we needed to exercise, you know burns some carbs before eating those weekend treats.

Day Six

Today was another rest day so it was time for a bit of retail therapy and dinner.

I'll be back next Saturday with my second round up and you'll see whether I actually manage to  stick with it and complete the challenge.


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  1. Sounds like a fun set of challenges, not knowing what will be next! Hope you have had a fantastic week - I never know why people don't want to join in with planking - it rocks! :) Thank you for linking up with #WeightLossWednesday - hope you can join in this week and keep us updated on how you did with the challenge!xx


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