Friday 16 October 2015

34 Things Kids Who Grew Up In The 90's Will Remember

I may have been born in the 80's but I'm definitely a kid who grew up in the 90's. Watching my kids grown up now, looking at the programmes they watch and the toys they play with has me thinking about my childhood days and course how much better they were compared to now. There are so many things I'd like to remind you all of but I've condensed it down for you.

Here's 34 things that were great about the 90's

growing up in the 90s

Playing out in the streets wasn't scary, parents didn't worry and of course the spoke beads on our bikes from our trusty cereal packets meant that you could here us from a mile away.

spoke beads

School play time was made fun with Pogs (until they were banned, rock and roll!)


Your best friends were a Tamagotchi that was always to eager to die.


Trolls with their amazingly colourful hair.


And Polly because at that point she actually did fit in your pocket.

polly pocket

The girls argued over who was better Barbie or Sindy.


The boys loved to ruin them with their Transformers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.


And everyone either had or wanted a Mr Frosty.

mr frosty

We all imagined being our favourite Power Ranger (I was definitely the pink one)

power rangers

And our favourite theme tune belonged to Fresh Prince of Bel Air (you're singing it now aren't you!)

fresh prince of bel air

Reality TV was far away, we had the original Geordies that was Biker Grove.

biker grove

Nickelodeon ruled with classics like

Clarissa Explains It All

clarissa explains it all

And Kenan an Kel (Kel loves orange soda)

kenan and kel

And I'm pretty sure we all wanted to be a contestant on Fun House.

Whilst weekends were reserved for Live and Kicking

live and kicking

And SM:tv

sm:tv c.h.u.m.s

Then of course Saturday night tele meant Crystal Maze

crystal maze

Gladiators kicked arse, none of this XFactor bullshite.


And a man in a pink spotty suit entertained the nation.

mr blobby

Classic films were produced.

Jurassic Park

jurassic park

Pulp Fiction

pulp fiction

Toy Story

toy story

And not forgetting we got to see Leonardo DiCaprio first, anyone remember that small film Titanic.


It was a time when boybands weren't fixed together, they were mates who could actually sing.

backstreet boys

Oasis and Blur changed the music industry for the better.


Girl power took over the world, zig a zig aaa bitches.

spice girls

And all this great music, we listened to on the top 40 charts every Sunday and recorded onto cassette tapes.

Shellsuits were out and poppers were in.

popper tracksuit trousers

Then there were the fashion trends that are so good they've made comebacks like...

Choker necklaces

choker necklaces



and high waisted jeans

high waisted jeans

We were the inventors of cocktails, remember mixing squashes to create a tropical sensation mmmm.

Drinking Sunny Delight

sunny delight



And who could forget the Tango advert!

tangos 90s

The 90s as I remember it is a decade that was filled with all things carefree, fun and original, what are your favourite memories from way back then?



  1. Ha love this!! I was born in 1983 and the above was virtually my life minus a couple thankfully ;) I was explaining pogs to my boys a while ago. Thanks for the morning nostalgia
    Stevie x

  2. This definitely brought back a few memories of my teenage years - especially recording the top 40 charts on a tape and trying to get the timing just right so you didn't get any of the talking either side. I also remember buying Just 17 each week and Smash Hits to get the words of the latest songs :-)

  3. Haha I remember everything on this list ! I was born in the 80s but grew up in the 90s too. I loved byker grove & Clarissa and had spokes on my bike and popper pants. And I loved the tiny polly pocket xx

  4. Fantastic! I was a late 70s baby so I grew up in the late 80s early 90s. I remember a lot of these things from my Canadian childhood (many of them reached us that far!). Good times. :)

  5. I was born in the early 90s. This is certainly a post that goes down memory lane. I used to love Polly Pocket... They're huge now!

  6. Love this. I was born early 90s so it's all memeories for me. I loved sunny D and was obsessed with Nickelodeon!

  7. Oh my god, that's my childhood encapsulated up there. I loved those spoke things - we had to eat a lot of cereal to get enough for me and my siblings!

  8. Oh my god - polls pocket and Sunny-D! Major flashbacks! X

  9. Oh my God total trip to my childhood. The Adidas trousers - who didn´t want to be Sporty Spice and the Polly Pockets - I never got one and I vowed to track one down if I ever had a daughter, who would probably now ask me to change it for an Ipad! #picknmix

  10. I love this!! You have brought back so many memories! I was definitely a Sindy gal but also played a lot with my brothers' Action Men. I didn't have a Mr Frosty but we DID have a Sodastream... extra sugary fizzy drinks. Yuk. But we loved them at the time - of course! Saturday night TV is just not the same with Gladiators and the Crystal Maze - loved it!! Thanks for sharing. #pocolo

  11. This is fab! Such great memories. I never got a Mr Frosty and I'm still upset about it now! #picknmix

  12. Fun House and Live & Kicking were the best TV shows ever. Funnily enough, they were playing the Fresh Prince theme tune on the radio this morning lol. I had so many trolls and pogs ha ha!

  13. I cannot tell you how much I miss tamagotchi's they were so much fun even if they wanted to die all the time. I still drink Nesquik today but feel sad that children will never know the delight of retro games. Hello gameboys?

  14. Ahhh so many memories. I loved Turtles so much, wish my was into them. And yes I did want to be a contestant on Fun House, never applied though, lol! xx

  15. I did a similar post to this! I just love remembering things from the best decade ever! Wish the TV was still the same.... Noel's house party, Live & Kicking, Kenan and Kel and Byker Grove were my faves!

    Gemma xx

  16. Fab post! I was born in 1994 and it took me right back to my childhood! Although still to this day, I haven't watched Titanic all the way through as I always used to skip the sad parts haha! xx

  17. I love posts like this! A huge YES to all of these. Totally used to record music from the radio! I also thought I was a DJ with my tape deck. Great post! X

  18. Lets get one thing clear.. dungarees are still in fashion! Haha ;D x x

  19. Oh my god every single one of these made me go 'ahhhhh I miss the 90's!'
    Don't forget the yoyo phase as well. I had every single one of those polly pockets. The 90's really were awesome. Nesquik used to be our treat if we were good. x #picknmix

  20. Ooh you have taken me back! Pogs - I forgot about those!!! And chokers, I had so many! #PicknMix xx

  21. I was exclaiming at so many of these things! Spoke wheels, Saved by the Bell, the chokers I adored my trolls ha ha fab post :) #picknmix

  22. Love, love, love this post. I remember all of it well. Such a fab read. Pogs!!!! X

  23. I love this!!! Pogs and popper trousers are a great memory! #PoCoLo

  24. I remember these!! :D I had just moved back to Mexico from the USA, but everything was exactly the same everywhere. FYI, pogs are still popular in Mexico.

  25. I love this post! This is just my childhood! I've no more to say on it haha! You've said it all! Fab fab fab!

  26. I love this post - my youth summed up! x

  27. Oh some great things here - is Toy Story really that old? I got married in 1993 and had my eldest daughter in 1996. Kaz x

  28. Is Chums the same as Friends? It was really interesting to see what you guys across the pond had that we didn't like, i have no idea what Pogs are buut im sure they're awesome!

    1. Chums was a pee taking skit on friends on a weekend programme :)

  29. Oh yes to all of these, except Barbie and Sindy, I was never a fan! My tamagotchi was useless, couldn't keep it alive for more than a day! Loved and still do Fresh Prince of Belair! :) x

  30. This list is great! My mummy was obsessed with her Tamagotchi! :) #PoCoLo The 80's & The 90's were the best!

  31. Such a good post so many memories! I loved Sindy and my little polly pockets! It was a ferbie and play station 1 I wanted more than anything else. Spice girls still rule for me and I totally remember pogs now and crazy bone heads!? #picknmix

  32. What a trip down memory lane! Thank you. #pocolo

  33. Oh my gosh, take me back now!! Chokers are actually making a comeback, not sure i'll be taking part in that but I can say I was around when it was first popular haha. The fact Toy Story came out so long ago makes me feel old, but the exciting thing is when the 4th one comes out I can take my little girl! x

  34. Ha I'm loving all the comments on here, even more memories! Thanks for linking up to #Picknmix
    Stevie x

  35. Ha I'm loving all the comments on here, even more memories! Thanks for linking up to #Picknmix
    Stevie x

  36. Wow this brought so many happy memories, awww the good old days were great X

  37. Haha I love this! Yes yes yes to every single one. Ah the 90s were fab. I LOVED recording the charts every Sunday!! :D x x

  38. Oh my goodness! I remember all of this stuff so well! I used to love Live and Kicking - Trevor and Simon were my favourites! Thanks for linking to #PoCoLo - hope to see you tomorrow x

  39. As a child I didn't have a doll, no no I had an inflatable Mr Blobby and he went EVERYWHERE with me! Such a fab post it was great remembering

  40. God, I remember all of these things. I had the tracksuit bottoms, sindy and barbie, watched all the shows and still have my very own Tango man toy that you had to send off for. Great post!


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