Friday 9 October 2015

Unsual Gift Ideas

I'll admit I've always been one to buy my girls things like dolls and babies and it wasn't that I was trying to make them play with "girl toys" that's just what they seemed to gravitate towards.

In reality I'm a firm believer that any type of toy can be suitable for both boys and girls and even adults if that's what they want. From super heroes and Lego to Barbies and all things cute and fluffy. In this day and age there shouldn't be that divide of pink and blue.

As my children have got older their choice in the toys that they choose to pick up and play with has definitely changed. Gone are the pushchairs and princess dressing up and in their place all sorts of weird and wonderful toys.

For example they've spent hours totally engrossed with watching a slinky going down the stairs but then everyone loves a slinky right!!


With Christmas coming up, yes I said Christmas, they've begun to write their wish lists and of course I'd like to surprise them with a few things that they aren't expecting.

Hawkin's Bazaar has been a great place to find inspiration for all those unsual gift ideas.

I love all things quirky not only for the kids but for other friends and family members. It makes for great light entertainment at any time but especially at Christmas playing with the "joke" presents because it seems to be the one time when everyone manages to sit back, relax and let their inner child out.

I remember one year my sister in law buying my husband tattoo sleeves which was hilarious in itself because his arms are already covered in tattoos.

From space hoppers and Gelli Baff for the kids to the more adult style toys and one that I spotted which will definitely have you laughing is the Bean Boozled game. It is totally disgusting but absolutely hilarious all at the same time.

These kind of presents make the perfect stocking fillers and secret santa gifts and of course there are ones to suit everyones budget and age. I wouldn't mind an everlasting wine glass myself ;) I'm sure this on a lot of parents wish lists!

What's the most unsual gift you've been bought/bought yourself before??


This post is in collaboration with Hawkin's Bazaar

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  1. awww, slinky. We LOVED slinkys when we were kids. I had a green and blue one. And then when I was in my teens my mum and dad bought me slinky dog from toy story! Fab x


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