Wednesday 18 November 2015

Best of LeapFrog - LeapReader Edition

Over the next few months LeapFrog are asking their fans to choose their favourites from a range of their games, books etc for their well known devices. My girls and I have been asked to do the same. This week we've been playing with three different books from the LeapReader range, a tough job but someones got to do it.

We were sent :

Paw Patrol : The Great Robot Rescue
Doc McStuffin : The New Girl!
Learn To Write Letters with Mr Pencil
In my mind I already knew what I would pick as my favourite but the final decision had to be from my daughters as they would be the ones using them.

Firstly I had to load the books audio onto our LeapReader, a simple and quick task, thankfully because the kids were eager to get playing!

My youngest gravitated towards Doc McStuffin as this was someone she recognised from the TV. Both this and the Paw Patrol book allowed for reading the stories and playing games, I still find this a great way to read books, especially to reluctant readers. The interactive element encourages even the most reluctant readers to join in.

However in the end my favourite, Learn To Write Letter with Mr Pencil came out victorious. My 5 year old was amazed by the "magic" element, magiv paper made it possible for the LeapReader to draw on the pages, she could see her letters forming as she continued to write.

I loved that they used both upper and lower case letters, this was a brilliant way to introduce not only writing to children but the letter recognition and sounds too. 

The only downside for me is that my 5 year old uses cursive writing at school so the letter formation wasn't quite the same.

Come back next week and see what our favourite LeapPad game is but for now why not pop over to LeapFrog's facebook page and start getting your votes in.



  1. These books look great, I've been considering buying the LeapReader for Ben when he's a bit older, he's currently 2 and a half! We love Leapfrog products here!

    Anna -

    1. The LeapReader Junior would be great for him!! xx


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