Thursday 5 November 2015

Creative Baby Hamper Ideas for New Mums

Is your sister or a close friend pregnant or did they recently have a baby? Mums-to-be and new mums really appreciate baby hampers because they're filled to the brim with baby essentials and fun things for the new baby and even for the mum sometimes. For me as a mum I definitely appreciated these types of things.  

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These types of gifts are perfect to bring to a baby shower or the first time you visit the family after the baby is born. You can make your own baby hamper or find some already bundled together at specialty baby gift websites.

Here are some great tips for buying baby hampers

Many new mums today prefer baby hampers over a package of nappies. However if you are confused on what to include, think about going beyond the essentials but of course those are great too. 

These new born baby hamper ideas will make all the baby shower guests gush about the creativity and the cuteness.

To begin, decide what you will make your baby hamper out of. Do you want to use a bamboo or straw basket? Which gives a "baby-friendly" vibe? You can cover it with some pink or blue fabric or perhaps a neutral green or yellow, allowing the new mum to store baby essentials like onesies or a few clean diapers near the changing table.

Fill your new born baby hamper with lots of essentials. Start with a baby blanket to line the hamper and neatly arrange items like onesies, baby booties, baby safety kits, baby teddy bears, teething toys, and some books to read to the baby. There couldn't be a better time to start reading to your child!

You could even consider using a baby bath tub as your hamper and filling it with hooded baby towels, washcloths, a rubber ducky, baby shampoo, and body wash.

Think about maybe creating a themed baby hamper. The possibilities are endless. Nowadays a "story-themed" basket would be popular. Fill it with children's classics like Mother Goose fairytales and the Tales of Peter Rabbit but also other children favourites like Goodnight Moon. In addition, add some stuffed animals from the stories, and maybe some learning CDs.  Consider a bedtime or blanket theme for another popular option. 

New parents are always changing sheets so they will appreciate many sets of sheets in the colours they registered for. If you can crochet, homemade blankets are always appreciated. Complete this basket with a comfortable pillow and specialty detergent for baby's sensitive skin.

Personalise your newborn baby hamper if you are able to. If you know the name of the new baby, you'll want it on there. This could be embroidered or engraved on a new blanket, doll, or photo frame, as well as creating a name chain necklace out of wooden beads and hooking it to your basket with old fashioned clothes pins. 

Of course if you are low on time to make things easier, you can purchase baby hampers already assembled. Some of them are created by theme like bath towels or new layette bodysuits, where as other deluxe baby hampers include a multitude of items, such as  a cuddly teddy bear, 100 % cotton body suit and bib, organic Aromababy  bath and diaper products, and chocolates for the parents to enjoy while the new baby finally rests. This still allows you the option of customisation by adding a gift for an older sibling or an extra something for the parents without running to a million different stores yourself.

Hopefully you've found some of these tips handy. Do you have any tips of your own you'd like to share?


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