Friday 4 December 2015

Elf On The Shelf 2015 Round Up 1

For the past two years I have followed the Elf On The Shelf tradition for my children. It is so much fun watching their faces finding Buddy doing different things each day. This year is a little different for me because my eldest daughter has reached the point where she knows that Santa isn't real and has of course come to the realisation that the elf isn't quite as alive as initially thought. But this means she can help me this year.

So here we are with our first round up for this year…

Day one

Buddy came with gifts in the form of a book advent, they get to open up one each day in the lead up to Christmas

elf on the shelf brings book advent

Day two

I think Buddy maybe wanted to fly but the balloon didn't get him floating through the sky.

elf on the shelf balloon ride

Day three

Soldiers attack!!

elf on the shelf army attack

Day four

Obvioudly feeling generous, Buddy grew the candy canes this time ready for the girls to take to school.

elf on the shelf candy canes

It was a short round up this week as the Christmas count down begins. We'll be back next Friday with another Elf On The Shelf round up…



  1. Santa isn't real?????

    1. well I hate to break to you this late in life but… lol


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