Thursday 24 December 2015

Elf On The Shelf Round Up 4

It's Christmas Eve everybody!!! Are you ready? Well while you are waiting for the man in red to arrive why not check out my final Elf On The Shelf round up for 2015.

Day nineteen

Wonder what Buddy will be cooking?

elf on the shelf frying cupcakes

Day twenty

Game of Twister, fun or dangerous?

elf on the shelf playing twister

Day twenty one

Buddy decided that he needed a shave.

elf on the shelf shaving

Day twenty two

Mini crackers to share.

elf on the shelf pulling crackers

Day twenty three

Aaaaa Buddy has been practicing his wrapping….. on the dining room chairs.

elf on the shelf wrapping up chairs

Day twenty four

A parting gift, North Pole breakfast yum yum yum.

elf on the shelf frozen north pole breakfast

elf on the shelf frozen north pole breakfast

Well that's it for Elf On A Shelf this year, fingers crossed Buddy will be back next year. Merry Christmas everyone


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