Tuesday 15 December 2015

Positivity, Working Out and a Virtual Helping Hand

I mentioned a few weeks ago about how I was struggling with motivation when it comes to exercise and eating healthily now that the colder months are settling in. To be honest I was really stuck in a rut and was having trouble finding a way out of it. My positivity about working out had vanished to go knows where and lazyiness was taking hold, that was until I got a virtual helping hand.

trainers and nano for working out

The lovely Susanne from Ghostwritermummy kindly gave me the kick up the bum that I needed to get moving again. She herself had been getting up early and was doing bootcamp style workouts to get herself back into shape after her last pregnancy and really if she could do it then so could I.

She has honestly been a real help without having to do an awful lot. A tweet each morning to see if I'm up, if I've exercised yet. It has passed me back the motivation that I was missing and so far since she initially tweeted me I have kept up my routine.

My alarm is set for 5.55am so I'm up and ready to exercise for 6am. Ok I'm only doing 20 minutes to half an hour but it's better than nothing surely? I have a rake of different exercise DVDs so I've been alternating them each day to keep the workouts varied and I've also been using these pre christmas exercise routines from Fabletics to keep things interesting.

I can honestly say I'm feeling better about myself again.

I've gained a bit of determination, a smidgen of will power to begin looking and feeling better. I'm working out Monday through to Friday and then going for a run on a Sunday morning.

And really getting up early is a blessing disguise as it also gives me time alone, a few minutes to catch up on blogging, put the washing on, perhaps get the lunches made before the morning rush begins.

I'm hopeful that I can continue doing the same, it is amazing how being that bit more positive about everything can change your outlook.

Also goes to show the power of social media, a person I've never met in real life has managed to encourage me to do something I probably wouldn't have done if left to my own devices. That virtual helping hand was very much appreciated.

So how is everyone else getting along now that colder months have arrived, is your motivation still with you?



  1. You are doing great. Any exercise you can fit in is perfect at this time of year. I have lost my motivation with painting my living room and all the jobs I am catching up on. I really need a push back into it !! I am going to put my trainers on tomorrow and go for it :)

  2. Well done you for putting the effort and commitment in. I have fallen off the wagon over the past few weeks! Hopefully the new year will bring new motivation for me!

  3. I can completely relate to you losing motivation that was me after getting Shin splints. I went a good few months without doing anything. I found motivation from a fellow friend/blogger and I'm slowly getting back there. I've completely changed my approach and stopped putting pressure on myself and once I removed the pressure I found I was more willing.

  4. I have to admit now it's really dark and and wet in the mornings my running has grounded to a halt. I like the idea of getting up early and exercising in the house before everyone else wakes up! This is something that i can do relatively easily and will allow me to be properly awake before the mad rush starts! Thank you for sharing and linking up to #memyselfandi. Rachel xx

  5. Wow that's amazing and good for you. I need some of your motivation as I'm still really struggling! But I will get back on the health and fitness train this January thanks for the motivating post #memyselfandI

  6. That's brilliant!! I think anything is better than nothing. I have struggled the past month but I now have a 10km to focus on so that will give me the motivation to get out and run. Thanks for joining #memyselfandi

  7. That is awesome! I do find that I am more disciplined too if I have to exercise with a friend or "report" to a friend. The mind is very powerful indeed! Staying positive is the key to success!


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