Tuesday 19 January 2016

A Birthday Wishlist

birthday wishlist

My birthday is fast approaching and it's an important one, you know 29 +1. Typically we don't really celebrate my birthday, for two reasons one being that it is in January and everyone has their excuses of no money, not drinking etc and two because other peoples money gets spent on my kids instead of me (something which I don't begrudge!). However this doesn't stop me window shopping like I did at Christmas.

The list of items I'd really like has got quite long. I rarely buy things for myself these days, not because I can't but because I prefer to spend my money on my children. So I suppose as a result of this I tend to "window shop" meaning my list just keeps on growing. My tastes are varied and they range from the more expensive items to the take me back to my youth choices kind of things. Really I'm easily pleased, low maintenance if you will.

Surpisingly I don't think my tastes have changed a great deal over the years. I think maybe the only thing that I like now that definitely wouldn't have been acceptable when I was younger is tattoos which I will definitely be getting more of this year when money allows. In the mean time, below I've both pictured and listed my wants. I know none of you will be rushing out to buy these items for me (although I wouldn't complain if you did) but if you happen to spot any of these items anywhere at bargain prices I would really appreciate you commenting below with where you found them pretty please.

adidas superstars, sugar and vice, amazon, lush,

Adidas superstars were my first pair of branded trainers when I was around 15 years old, I only threw them out last year, they had seen better days but I'd love to get a new pair as they were always the comfiest trainers I owned.

Amazon vouchers come high on my list because my list of to be read books is ever growing so I'd like to be able to purchase two or ten of those. I have £60's worth of books just sitting and waiting patiently in my basket.

I found this gorgeous necklaces on Sugar and Vice, better yet they are donating part of payment to charity in tribute to David Bowie.

Last year I finally took the plunge and bought some Lush products, there was no going back. I adore all of them, the fragrances are wonderful, I especially love their soaps but my supplies are running low...

I'm still trying to get back into shape, having purchased the Lean In 15 book and new workout gear, I'd really like a heavier set of dumbbells so I can progress further with my goals. It would give me something to aim for rather than just settling.

Now that I've begun to organise my blog better thanks to my lovely blogger journal, I'd really like some quirky stickers to pretty it up inside. I've seen some on Etsy and Ebay which are reasonably priced.

Remember SingStar? I used to love singing along all be it badly to all of the songs and when I saw my friend had purchased Now That's What I Call Sing for her Xbox One I knew I had to have it too!

The real expensive purchase which I know I won't get but I can dream right? It is a welsh dresser for my dining room. I'd love one all in white to match the rest of my furniture, I can already picture all the trinkets etc that I'd put on it.

So there we have it, that's my list of wants. Nothing too extravagant, I'm thinking of starting to celebrate my birthday in July instead of January. People are happier in the Summer aren't they. Perhaps they'd be more willling to part with their money and buy me all of the pretty things when they have money in the bank and smiles on their faces ;) Anyone else celebrating a birthday this month? How do you feel about having a January birthday?


  1. Great list, my birthdays if Feb so I'm getting great ideas here for what to ask hubby for!

  2. Fab list! I hope you get some of the things you want! x

  3. I'm obsessed with planner stickers! I love them


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