Wednesday 20 January 2016

Chicken Dance Book Review

chicken dance book cover

Just before Christmas we were sent a lovely new book to read and review, Chicken Dance (£5.99) by Tammi Sauer. Before even beginning the story, the books cover had myself and my girls highly entertained with mention of Elvis Poultry on the back, he looked like a really cool dude.

This wonderfully goofy story follow Marge and Lola, two chickens who are determined to win the barnyard talent show because the prize for the winners is tickets to see the famous singer, Elvis Poultry in concert and of course this has them all shook up (see what I did there).

chicken dance book dance moves

Upon opening the book you will find sets of dance moves on the inside cover and we also found more of the same at the back of the book too. This you will find as you read the story adds an extra element to the book, it becomes much more interactive. 

As I said the story begins with Marge and Lola wanted to enter the talent contest, the trouble for them is that they aren't quite sure what their talent could be but when the pesky Ducks start gloating that they are going to win like they do every year, these two tough birds are even more determined to win.

chicken dance book illustrations

Turning the pages of the book you get to see animals from all around the barnyard, from goats eating tractors to cows jumping over the moon. The illustrations together with the cleverly written words creates silliness and mayhem which certainly had my children laughing out loud.

When those quirky chickens began flapping and shaking the girls wasted no time joining in with them, practicing the moves shown at the beginning of the book, I think we mastered the cha cha cha, the waltz on the other hand may need a little bit more perfecting.

chicken dance book being read

What I liked was that the pictures weren't typically bright coloured, they were understated yet still caught your eye. I had a great time with my three year old pointing out the various animals and talking about the noises they make, she seemed to have a soft spot for those naughty ducks.

I won't tell you what happens in the end, a surprise is always nice but I will say that this book is definitely worth a read. A bit different from the norm, it is light hearted and suitable for all ages, fantastic entertainment for all the family.

This book was sent to me FOC for reviewing purposes however all opinions are my own.


  1. This sounds like a great read, I've seen several great reviews for this picture book. I'm intrigued to read it now.


  2. I think our girls would love to read this it looks fun! xx

  3. Ooh this looks lovely! S loves her books and I love to find something a little out of the ordinary for her! #ReadWithMe

  4. The title Chicken Dance makes me laugh! Looks like a funny book! xx

  5. What a captivating cover! We went to the farm last week and BookBairn was obsessed with the chickens wandering all over the place and thought they were hilarious so she would probably love this! #readwithme


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