Sunday 24 January 2016

My Sunday Photo 2016 #4

Last Saturday whilst my seven year old was out with a friend, the rest of us decided to go out for a walk. You all must have noticed the cold temperatures bbbrrrr, but we were determined not to be cooped up all weekend like we had been in previous weeks. It seemed strange going out with only three out of four children but it is happening more often these days now that they are getting older.

After taking our time deciding where we should actualy go, we finally ventured out up the Western Heights taking a trail we'd not walked along before. Turns out we ended up in the way a bit as runners were using the same trail that day, not sure what the race was for but I can tell you that I didn't envy them as it wasn't the most straight forward of paths to go around.

Lots of squelchy mud, sticks and stones along the way meant that my youngest bless her heart kept tripping over, even though we managed to escape the snow, the ground was still rather frosty making it quite slippery in some places. 

We did however make it to the top of a rather steep hill and my husband decided to take this photo of me and my girls. It isn't very often that you'll catch me in front on the camera, (unless I'm taking a selfie of course). I love this photograph, I did comment that it would have been better if Freya had have been with us though, she was definitely missed.

I think we often forget about our surroundings. Day to day life has us rushing around so that we don't get to stop and enjoy many of these moments. I mean just look at that view, it's as though you can see for miles. The girls definitely had fun pointing out traffic going by and trying to guess where our house was amongst all of the buildings. Must make more of an effort to slow down this year!


  1. That's a fab view and it's definitely good to get out in the great outdoors, whatever the weather! We often find ourselves without one or even two kids, it certainly happens more and more as they get older.

  2. I too am at a stage when I am often now without the boys. It's a bit sad in a way but lovely to see them growing into their own independent selves. I love the scenery behind you with a mixture of countryside, town and a distant castle. #MySundayPhoto

  3. This is gorgeous! We've lots of paths like that around here; I can't wait for S to be big enough to go for a walk on some of them!
    (no sky picture this week!)

  4. Lovely photo all together, I bet the cold and breeze blew away the cobwebs

    Thank you for linking up

  5. It is great to get out and about. This is a lovely photo. Very picturesque :-)

  6. Gorgeous photo and it looks like such a nice sunny day for a change. Hope it was good getting some fresh air :)

  7. What a lovely view and a hike to the top, a lovely photo of you and the girls and so refreshing to get out and enjoy a lovely winter's day. Love you to join me for Country Kids


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