Tuesday 9 February 2016

What Women Really Want For Valentine's Day

what women really want for valentine's day

Valentine's day also known as St Valentine's day is a celebration which occurs every February 14th, a day typically associated with the notion of love and romance and it sees both men and women sending cards and gifts to their significant others, spending money that they probably don't have. 

These days it is definitely another money spinning affair. My husband will tell you it is a day he doesn't really celebrate and really why should any of us be told when or how to show our love to others, and I'll agree I don't need a piece of card to know how he feels about me, although I wouldn't complain if I was to receive one, or some flowers maybe (my hinting power is strong).

See here's the thing though, as much as the cards, the flowers, the chocolates etc are nice and believe me I'd be grateful if I got bought them, it isn't really what I want, what my heart ultimately desires is far more simple than any of those things.

Women don't really want sexy lingerie, lets all be honest and say that's really for the man's benefit, I can't be the only one thinking that in reality I much prefer the notion of taking my bra off at the end of the day, can we all say aaaaaa as we relax.

Then there's the boxes of chocolates and dinners out, again I wouldn't refuse them if offered but they do nothing for that diet that I'm continually struggling to stick to and then I'm left feeling guilty for those extra calories that I would have otherwise avoided.

Flowers are nice, they certainly brighten up the home but on second thoughts they aren't very original are they, these days you can pop to your local supermarket and buy a bunch of them whenever you want and they don't need to be overpriced red roses just because Valentine's day dictates this.

No really what all women want, and this isn't just specific to Valentine's day but it is a good time to start putting it into practice, what we really really want is zigazigah to be appreciated. Such a simple thing but very effective none the less. And I'm sure this goes for men too (after time in the bedroom!). We all want to feel like the things we do on a day to basis don't go unnoticed.

And all that is needed to show this is words, conversation, nothing more, nothing less. I don't think this is a big ask, infact it is such an easy thing to do that you can't really get it wrong. So don't wait until Valentine's day, go and show someone you appreciate them right now!


  1. Absolutely! We all like/need to be appreciated by others; especially our partners. Whether this is because we have just cooked their dinner, just done a twelve hour overtime shift on a Saturday night to help make ends meet; or simply been there for them. So yes, tell others they are appreciated, tell them you love them, say the words, buy the flowers, chocs; take them out for dinner; but don't wait until Feb. the 14th; do it every day!

  2. Absolutely! All we really want is appreciation and some attention. My hubby told me I was the best mum and wife last week and it made my whole week.

  3. Totally agree, we don't celebrate valentines day but I sure would love to feel more appreciated

  4. so true, its easier to pop out and buy something but this takes extra effort.


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