Friday 4 March 2016

Priceless Gifts For Mother's Day

priceless gifts for mothers day

Mother's day, or Mothering Sunday as it is known to some, a day reserved for children to honour their mums. It's celebrated on different days around the world, in the UK it occurs in March and in the US it happens in May.

Typically kids will make homemade cards, perhaps husbands will help by purchasing things like flowers and chocolates, but just like I said on Valentine's day, spending money on gifts isn't always what is wanted or required.  I'm here to tell you just five presents that money just can't buy but will be appreciated none the less.

A Nice Hot Cuppa

Oooo the thought of a nice hot cup of coffee is rather appealing. I'm sure most mums will agree that normally you'll pour yourself a nice hot drink and typically get distracted by a child doing something naughty or mischievous and the drink gets forgotten. An hour later you'll discover it sat on the kitchen side, you then warm it up in the microwave but quickly get called away to a child like emergency and that pour mug gets forgotten again and so the cycle continues. 

A Warm Bubbly Bath (without kids in it)

How many times have you gone to run a bath, thinking soon it will be time to sit back and relax, only to have those thoughts washed away when a child or two starts stripping off and they jump in the tub along with you, with bath toys in hand too. Of course that nice long soak turns into a 2 minute dip whilst the children continue to splash away.

Going To The Toilet Without an Audience

Now since when was going to toilet a spectators sport? Even if you close the door, the kids soon find you and continue to sit on the floor in front of you because of course the minute you need a wee, it's also they minute they want to start telling you about their day.

A Child (or Husband) To Say Thank You

Being a mum, you turn into a cook, a cleaner, an alarm, a shoulder to cry on, you might even become a human tissue when snotty noses get wiped down you. All of these things we do without argument, without questioning anything but it would be really nice if every once in a while all of these jobs that magically get done got noticed, a simple thank you goes a long way.

Sleep need I say more

OMG, how nice would a full nights sleep be. Not one disturbed by kids waking up, wanting drinks, cuddles, perhaps just to tell you something totally irrelevant to anything. A whole night without a child trying to star fish in your bed, making you hold onto the edge praying you won't fall off. And if we're really pushing the boat out, a lie in, one that manages to stretch past 7am, what a treat that would be!

As mothers I don't think we really ask for much and the fact that we're not asking you to spend money on us, our wants and desires shouldn't be unattainable but if you really want to buy us something, one word for you, WINE!


  1. I just want to have someone look after me for a change, instead of running around sorting everyone else. It would be lovely to be able to do something I want to do and come home to a clean (not just tidy) house and be able to watch something I want to watch an old film perhaps. It's hard work being a mum I love the job but the day off (few hours even) would be wonderful. :-)

  2. I agree with all of these! Sleep would be #1 for me, I definitely need more sleep! *sigh*

  3. Being a Mum is one of the few full time jobs with no time off. I would absolutely love to have one day where I don't have to force my OH out of bed, to have a little lie in (in peace) and come down to a nice tidy house and not regret my time in bed as it has cut out my running around picking up after the kids time!

  4. Such a fabulous list. To me this is what Mother's Day is about. There really isn't any need to spend money on gifts.

  5. I totally relate to the toilet audience my daughter brings a chair from her room and sits down haha

  6. Oh I would be very happy with any on this list but think my most wanted is a full night sleep x


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