Wednesday 23 March 2016

Celebrating Easter With a Cocktail

Spring is definitely coming and Easter is also on it's way so what better way to celebrate than with a tasty cocktail. I mean a good alcoholic drink to accompany all of the chocolate you are going to consume sounds good doesn't it? And we all know that calories don't count during the holidays so you've got no worries there ;)


I've been lucky enough in tha past to review Aldi's selction of wines, which are now available to buy online I might add. And now Aldi have created a brilliant list of Spring/Summer cocktails and I was lucky enough to be sent a selection of drinks from their range of alcohol so that I could test out some of their fantastic recipes and share them with all of you, it's a hard job but someone's got to do it. My biggest trouble, staying sober enough to take the photos!

The list of recipes I had to choose from were : Blackberry Smash, Prosecco Thyme, White Sangria, Grilled Peach Julep and The Belluci Job. I'll admit I was tempted to make one of each but in the end I opted for the Belluci Job as it included my favourite alcohol, amaretto. Below is the ingredients list and just how to make this little number :


25ml Tamova Vodka
25ml Bellucci Amaretto
3 strawberries
1 teaspoon of white sugar
75ml cranberry juice
2 lemon wedges
Soda water to top

1)       Cut the strawberries into quarters, add to the cocktail shaker and sprinkle with white sugar
2)       Using the back of a wooden spoon muddle or press down on the strawberries
3)       Add the remaining ingredients (except the soda water) and shake hard over ice
4)       Using a tea strainer fine strain the liquid into a tall ice-filled glass
5)       Top with soda water

Decoration / to serve
Garnish with a large slice of lemon and place half a strawberry on the glass rim to decorate. Serve with two straws.

I'm always drawn to drinks including amaretto because of its marzipan taste but this cocktail has a lovely twist to it because of the mix of sweet and sour flavours. My only problem is that one glass definitely isn't enough. What's your favourite cocktail to sip on when the warmer months arrive?


  1. I do love a good cocktail. I must try this out in the summertime. :-) x

  2. Ooooohhhh. What's my favourite??? There's quite a few...eeekkk.
    Anything mixed with prosecco is generally a winner, anything with elderflower is really good to, and most vodka based cocktails.

  3. Ooh now this sounds divine, anything with Amaretto in gets my vote x

  4. Love Aldi's drinks. We buy their version of baileys at christmas it tastes delicious


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