Friday 15 April 2016

Siblings (April)

If you are unfamiliar with the Siblings Project do check out Dear Beautiful's blog to see about joining in. So unlike with last months siblings post, this month I managed to pick just one photo and I think it's a goodie. It helps that I caught all my girls when they were in the mood for posing for the camera.

We'd actually just been for a walk down to the library to take some books back. It was our attempt in getting a bit of fresh air despite the weather being a bit rubbish, who knew Spring could be so cold! I for one cannot wait to step out of the house without a coat on.

As with other photographs I love that their individual personalities are shining through. From the clothes they are dressed in (which they choose themselves) down to the way they are posing. These girls are definitely all different but you can still see that they're sisters as well. Also makes me see how quickly they are growing up too.


  1. We have regular library trips too! Although my girls don't look as lovely (and as fashionable) as yours do! I haven't linked up to the Siblings linky in ages. You have just reminded me x

  2. They all look so different and yet the same! You ca really tell their personalities from this picture! Gorgeous x

  3. I do love their different poses, so sweet!

  4. What a cracking capture their poses are ace!


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