Monday 30 May 2016

Read With Me 2016 #22


Here we are, last Read With Me of May (how is it almost the middle of year already?). I've been busy reading as ever.

I managed to read The Other Child after reading some reviews that were linked up about it, I have to say I was disappointed, the build up was great and the overall story and concept was a good one but it just fell flat at the end for me.
Other books I've been reading. Well I received an ARC of J. L. Beck's Royal Prick which I really enjoyed. Now this I suppose comes under the erotica romance section, I happen to love this type of genre but I know it isn't everyones cup of tea.

Just to show how diverse my tastes are, I've also started reading Richard Ayoade's book, Ayoade on Ayoade a Cinematic Odyssey. I love his humour and it comes across well in this!

Now my favourite post from last week came from the Cuddlefairy with her review and giveaway of the Bookawoo book subscription box, definitely looking into the for my kids.

Onto the link up. If you are new here then please take a look at the Read With Me page to see what it is all about. Regulars get linking (max of 2 posts or videos), commenting and hopefully displaying my badge.

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