Wednesday 8 June 2016

Kids Make Sushi With Yutaka


I'm lucky that my kids have a good appetite, they are also willing to try all sorts of foods and are more than eager to help out in preparing our meals too. So when I was recently asked if we would like to be sent a Yutaka Sushi Sampler kit, I knew my children would want me to say yes.

There are lots of health benefits to eating sushi, the Nori (seaweed) is actually considered an ancient superfood, the Japanese diet is one of the reason why people think they have such a long lifespan so it is a good food type to at least sample.


Included in the kit were 13 full size Yutaka samples, all we needed to purchase were our fillings of choice and we were kindly provided with a £10 supermarket voucher to do so. Included in my kit were the following products :

Black Roasted Sesame Seeds, Organic Tamari Soy Sauce, Shaoxhing Rice Wine, Wasabi Paste, Bamboo Sushi Rolling Mat, Roasted Seaweed Sushi Nori, Sushi Ginger, White Roasted Sesame Seeds, Sushi Rice, Nigiri Sushi Maker, Japanese Rice Vinegar, Japanese Mirin Rice Wine, Bamboo Chopsticks (8 pairs)

Now I was told that the most important part of sushi is the rice, if not made right then the sushi may not turn out quite as expected, watch the video below to see just how to do it.

Once the rice was made (I prepared this without the kids), it was time to start making the sushi. My kids took in turns to add in their chosen fillings and the older two had a go at cutting them up, although it did turn out that I needed better rice to slice through the sea weed.




It was a fairly messy task as the rice was sticky but it was also fun and of course getting to eat the finished product made it all worth it and attempting to use the chopsticks was highly entertaining too.



Our chosen fillings in the end were crab meat with cucumber and chicken with a terakyi sauce but the possibilities are endless. The rice is quite sweet so you could opt for fruit for more of a pudding like dish. The sushi would be perfect for the kids to pop in their packed lunches or eaten for dinner on a Summers day.

Have you attempted to make your own sushi before? It's national sushi day on the 18th of June so why not go and purchase your own kit and enjoy some sushi with the family that day!

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