Thursday 2 June 2016

More Sleep For Better Learning?


Experts have been known to say that a lack of sleep can cause a lot of problems for children this can include poor academic performance. As a mum to four children I would tend to agree with this. My kids are less likely to want to get on with any school work if they are tired from perhaps simply a poor nights sleep or going to bed late. So does more sleep mean better learning?

My youngest daughter has always been my hardest child shall we say, she's certainly different from her siblings, including sleeping at night time. This one has always had a tendency to wake up in the night, a lot of the time ending up in bed with me and with her due to start school in September I can't help but worry how this will affect her learning. She'll be one of the youngest in her class with a late July birthday and she hasn't got the best concentration span as it is.

Children grow and develop as they sleep so it makes absolute sense that the more hours in bed that they get, the sharper their minds will be. Sleep expert Evelyn Burdon (The Cheshire Baby Whisperer) has some great advice on improving your child/ren's sleeping pattern.


Evelyn recommends introducing a pillow and duvet as soon as your baby can walk as a sleeping bag can be too restricting and babies are in danger of falling over and hurting themselves.

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Bedtime Routine

A regular bedtime and a bedtime routine is essential for creating good sleep habits and establishing a consistent routine. This is something I have always had with all of my children. My routine was always bath, bottle/book then bed and it is still the same now, minus the bottle of milk.
Some of Evelyn’s top tips for the ideal bedtime routine include:
  • Keep the routine simple and start 45 minutes before your child is normally asleep.
  • For children under the age of 5, switch on interesting bedtime lights and soothing music in their bedroom. Bedrooms for older children should be a calming and relaxing space with toys tidied away.
  • A bath before bedtime is a great way to relax your child ready for sleep. Brush teeth and dress in the bathroom and discourage your child from running into other rooms.
  • Encourage your child into bed with a toy or comforter and the promise of a chat. Avoid interactive books that will stimulate your child at this stage.
Sleeping Environment

Evelyn adds: “Never underestimate the effect of your child’s sleeping environment on their sleep potential; a child’s bedroom can affect sleep in a negative or positive way. The environment should be as relaxing as possible and an enjoyable place for you both.”

Her top tips include:

  • Darken the bedroom with blackout blinds which help to produce the sleep hormone melatonin.
  • Create a relaxing and calming atmosphere that is still appealing and colourful. For younger children, fairy lights, gentle projections and a simple red light from a Slumber Buddy or similar is the most soothing light to use at bedtime.
  • Favourite teddies always provide a sense of comfort and a familiar smell which babies and children love.
  • Duvets and bedding can be sprinkled with a small drop of Lavender aromatherapy oil which is known to induce sleep.
I have to say a lot of these tips are relevant to both children and adults, might have to give a few of them a go myself! Have you noticed a difference in how your child/ren get on at school if they happen to have a bad nights sleep? Do you have any other tips for getting a better nights sleep that you'd like to share?
*This post is in collaboration with The Fine Bedding Company*
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  1. You have shared some really useful tips here. I never thought to add aromatherapy oil to bedding .

  2. I think comfortable bedding and a good bedtime routine are great tips! Also a bedtime story! :) Great post, thanks for sharing your tips. xx


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