Monday 20 June 2016

Read With Me 2016 #25


Hello everyone. Welcome to this weeks Read With Me, I hope you are all well. Well I've only gone and done it, I've already reached my Goodreads target of 100 books, trouble is I still can't keep up, for every one book I read I seem to add another 5 to be to be read list. Have any of you set yourself reading targets on Goodreads this year, are you on track?

I'll admit I haven't read anything really challenging the past couple of weeks, they have all been more of the Fifty Shades of Grey kind of genre, but a books a book right?! Amongst those were Crow by A Zavarelli and the Plush series from KB Winters. I also read a book filled with a collection short stories called Champagne and Lemonade, I will have a full review of this up on the blog in a couple of weeks.

Some books I've popped on my TBR list include Tijan's latest book Anti Stepbrother, cannot wait for this to be released, one of my favourite authors and All The Rage by Courtney Summers.

My favourite post from last week came from Not Another Book Blogger with her May round up, lots of brilliant book recommendations to be found there, a nice mix of genres.

On to this weeks link up. If you are new please check out the Read With Me page to see what it is all about. Regulars get linking (max of 2 posts/videos), commenting and hopefully displaying my badge.

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Happy reading.


  1. Wow, 100 books already! I don't set myself targets, I just read as much as I can! But with kids and work, it's not as much as I'd like. I think I'm on about my 15th or 16th book for myself this year, but I also have to read 5 kids books - anything from pre-school picture books to long YA novels - every month for work.

  2. Spencer Broadley20 June 2016 at 08:37

    Goodreads is a great site - I enter many of their giveaways and seem to win 3-5 books a week now!!! I like the varied nature of the books as I like lots of book types/genres and like to be surprised. I have a backlog of about 40-50 books to read - methinks I will pause entering for a short time now to catch up, and pass on to charity, friends when done.
    Enjoy your books and get entering :)

  3. Well done on reaching 100 books. I'm reading Wolf Hall at the moment so I think my average has dropped! It's taking a while. :)

    1. That's the trouble I have sometimes, not all books are easy going are they!

  4. Gosh 100 books this year so far, that's amazing! You'll have to do a top ten of the 100 you've read.

  5. Wow 100 books is amazing. I'm doing the Champagne and Lemonade blog tour too. It's my current read

  6. Good grief! I wish I knew how you found the time for so much reading!! Thanks for hosting hun. x

  7. Newbie blogger here. Feeling rather clueless but blogging mainly about kids' books as part of our 366 books in 366 days reading challenge. I hope I've linked it correctly! Well done on your 100, in awe!

  8. Great to find all these interesting blogs linked up here

  9. Hope you are having a wonderful week and reading a good book too.


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