Thursday 11 August 2016

Immortal Writers Book Review

After reading my review of The Goodbyes, Blue Moon Publishers kindly gifted me a copy of one of their up and coming YA fiction novels, Immortal Writers which is written by author Jill Bowers. This slips into the fantasy genre and I would say fans of Abi Elphinstone's The Dreamsnatcher will really enjoy this one.

Young up-and-coming author Liz McKinnen has no idea that her life is about to change forever when she comes home from her first book tour. When she's kidnapped and told by her captors that she has to kill her fantasy book's antagonist, she thinks that she's fallen into the hands of crazy, dangerous fans... until her antagonist sends a real, fire-breathing dragon after her. Liz is quickly initiated into the Immortal Writers, a group of authors from throughout time whose words have given them eternal life, and whose prose is so powerful that it's brought stories over from the Imagination Field into the Reality Field. As Liz meets authors such as William Shakespeare, JRR Tolkien, Edgar Allan Poe, and Jane Austen, she has to learn how to control magic, fight dragons, and face her own troubled past before her power-hungry villain takes over the world. Will she survive the ultimate battle against the dragon lord whom she created?

The story although predominantly fantasy definitely has an element of romance to it and both of these genres are wrapped up nicely with an abundance of humour. Maybe not a combination you what have thought to put together but it works brilliantly.

I found the concept to be one of intrigue, blurring the lines of what we see as reality and what we think of as fiction. When Liz wins an award for one of recent releases she doesn't expect to suddenly be in charge of saving the world.

"The best writers are usually the ones with a deep well of unresolvable issues."

Poor Liz goes from celebrating to be being kidnapped and then coming face to face with William Shakespeare? Yes you did read that right.

What we soon discover is that when an author's imagination becomes strong enough, it can somehow become a reality. The characters within their stories become real, just as they've been written. And with that also comes the ability for the author to use magic and to become immortal, initiating them into the Immortal Writers society. 

"Words are the most powerful and basic form of magic."

Dragons, healers, of course a bad guy in the shape of Kenric and supposedly dead authors all make for one hell of an adventure. As you turn the pages the suspense and intrigue builds and what I love is that there is a wonderful love story that goes along with it. But this isn't your typical romance because Liz is falling for her fictional protagonist Curtis, can a relationship like this be real, will it last?

"You were what I wanted a man to be like; what I hoped a man would treat me like some day."

The dialogue between the characters is witty and entertaining and it didn't fail to pull me in, I was turning the pages at a rapid rate to see just where the next chapter would lead. I loved the push and pull between what was real and what would be perceived as fiction, what you end up with is something utterly unique and magical.

And I found it a book to get you thinking. If I really had to put my imagination to the test, what would come out of it, would my characters be based on people I know, myself or would they be truly fictional?

"Magic can be neither light nor dark. It is just up to the person to decide how to use it."

With plenty of mentions of authors past and present, this is definitely a novel that will appeal to book lovers everywhere. Action packed and brimming with emotional scenes, there is not a dull moment in the Immortal Writers. I think this novel just goes to show what can be done when you let your imagination take over.

With no cliffhanger you can be safe in the knowledge that there are no ends left loose but with the the excitement that there is indeed another book to come in the shape of the Immortal Creators and I for one am really excited to read it!


  1. This sounds like a very original idea for a novel, I'm intrigued by the author falling for her main character!


  2. This sounds rather different. Some clever ideas here

  3. What an unusual premise. You've got me intrigued. This is one for the TBR list. #readwithme

  4. Sounds very interesting, something I wouldn't normally pick up - that is why I love your #readwithme linky!

  5. What an interesting idea for a book, I love the sound of it. Thanks for sharing :)


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