Friday 26 August 2016

My August Favourites

How is it almost the end of Summer already? Hope everyone has been enjoying some sunshine. But for now here are my August favourites, all those products that I have been loving this month and I'd like to recommend to you.

Girl Gainz

Ok so not technically a product but a website but it is one that I have come to love over the past couple of months. Filled with some fantastic protein filled recipes that make you feel like you are getting a treat without over doing it on the calorie front. Well worth checking out if you are trying to lead a healthier lifestyle but still have a sweet tooth!

Tesco Smoothie Ice Creams

Another food related thing that I am favouring this month, well ice cream is a must this time of year isn't it. These taste great and best of all less than 70 calories per scoop. I adore them and have even been using them in my smoothies instead of ice cubes!

i-SPY books

Collins recently relaunched the iconic i-SPY children's books and we were lucky enough to be sent a couple to enjoy over the holidays.

Priced at £2.99 each and an ideal pocket size, brilliant for taking on your travels, these are a simple way to keep the kids entertained and taking in more of their surroundings as they go.

A bonus if you collect enough points is that you can send off for a fantastic certificate and 'Super i-SPY Spotter' badge!

Paperchase Lunch Box

I always lust after paperchase stationery and my girls really love their lunch boxes, my 8 year old broke her last one and then we spotted this fab tiger one in their sale. We got the matching bottle and little snack tubs too.

Superdry Clothing

So I managed to treat myself to some new clothes the other day, well I say I did, the hubby insisted I buy something so I had a rummage through the items in Superdry's recent sale. Coming away with a playsuit, a dress and two tops all for less than £55 I was happy. This top was my favourite purchase out of them all. I'm waiting to wear it on my holiday soon.

Coconut Jam

Ok ok I know it sounds strange, I have to admit as much as I love coconut I wasn't convinced until I tried it but let me tell you this stuff is addictive, I mean eat straight out of the jar addictive. Goes fab with toast and even better in baking.

Whitworths Sunny Fruit Mix Ups

These have been great to have in the cupboard during this month. Available in three flavours, Strawberries & Sultanas, Apricots & Mango and Pineapple & Raisins. Fruit Mix Ups are the perfect healthy snack and with the fun new characters on the packets they appeal to the kids just as much as they do us parents. An ideal size to carry around in my bag, we've taken them with us on my days out this Summer.

The strawberry ones definitely seemed to the favourite ones amongst my kids but I'll admit to sneaking a couple of packs for myself and I really love the apricot and mango flavour. At £1.99 for a pack of 6 they're reasonably priced and having 100% fruit in them makes me more likely to buy them over other fruit snacks.

Memory Lane Tool

Last up on my list of favourites is Cadbury Buttons memory lane tool. I was lucky enough to be one of the first to try it, you can check out my video below. A great way to share and personalise some of your favourite moments with your kids!

So there we have it, these are all the thins that I've desired this month, tell me in the comments below what you've been loving this Summer.


  1. 'Hopping over from the Post Comment Love party. Thank you for sharing these favorites. I am especially drawn to those iSpy books! 'Very clever to have on road trips. Kiddos get sooooo bored! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  2. The Girl Gainz website looks fab! I love a recommendation for inspiring recipes :) And well done on your Superdry bargains, I haven't ever bought anything from them but we have one in Bromley so I'll have to check it out X #PoCoLo

  3. Coconut jam a d smoothie icecream, I will be on the look out for these #POCOLO

  4. Whoo some lovely things here. I have never seen the frozen smoothies, i need to go check them out. Thanks ..


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