Wednesday 10 August 2016

SelfieMic Review


When I was little I used to love singing along to my favourite songs on the radio (admittedly not all that well) and as I grew up my love of belting out a good tune didn't lessen, I remember many a night of playing Singstar on the Playstation with my friends, those were indeed the good old days. Well now a new tech toy has arrived which has me all excited, the SelfieMic.

Ok it was sent more for my girls to enjoy abut I couldn't resist having a go myself, I've been known to hog the microphone before. This toy takes the selfie to the next level, combining karaoke with selfies, I mean a win win surely. In the box you receive the microphone and earpiece and then you need to download the free music app, Starmaker to your phone.


It was all very easy to set up, after adding the app to my phone and setting up an account I, I mean we were all ready to sing. Some songs are free whilst others you need to purchase but fear not because you receive 1000 in-app tokens allowing you to purchase more songs straight away and you can earn more as you sing.

There are thousands of tunes to choose from, from Beliebers like myself to all those Swifties, there are clever mixes and all the latest songs that you love hearing on the radio. There's definitely a song waiting for anyone ready to unleash their inner karaoke queen or king. To name a few right now, Drake - Hot Line Bling, One Direction - Drag Me Down, Rachel Platten - Fight Song and Shawn Mendes - Stitches.

The app shows you the notes you need to hit and of course the more notes you reach the more points you earn. As you sing you're being recorded, these videos can be left private or made public for others to enjoy your wonderful voice (ok I may sound less in tune than I thought), you can even add audio and visual affects.

Once you've finished making your pop debut you can even share your videos via social media, I'm not sure I'm ready to affect peoples eardrums with my efforts just yet but there are plenty of videos on there that are highly entertaining to watch.


New songs are being released on the app daily and the more you sing the more tunes you can unlock meaning you'll never run out of singing material! And of course if you aren't confident enough to sing you can lip sync along instead!

The SelfieMic itself is priced at £19.99 and comes in either black or pink. It makes it a really fun experience, you can of course go solo or even form your own band in front of the camera, move over Little Mix. I can see this being a toy at the top of many peoples Christmas wish lists this year. It's the ideal piece of tech to bring friends and family together.

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  1. Ohh! I love the look of this! My youngest loves singing and her birthday is coming up! This is something for me to think about :D x


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