Wednesday 26 October 2016

Going on an Incredible Intergalactic Journey with Lost My Name Books

I am a huge fan of personalised gifts for both adults and children. So when the lovely people at Lost My Name asked if I'd like to review one of their fantastic books I was more than happy too and with Christmas creeping up quickly, I knew exactly who I wanted it made for too!

The Incredible Intergalactic Journey Home book is just one of the books you can make, there even alphabet posters that can be created too. Aimed at children between the ages of 0-8, the process of making the book is a simple and fast one. You tell them the name of the child and their gender as well as their home address and the rest is done for you.

Delivery was speedy as well so if you are looking for a last minute gift this is definitely one to consider. When the book arrived I was impressed with the cover alone, it's like it is inviting you to go on an adventure.

The quality of the book is superb. Thick and durable pages, illustrations that are unique and writing that is bold and easy to read. You can see that an awful lot of thought has gone into the process of putting this story together, so much detail.

Children will fall in love with the story within. The back of the book says "Take a journey like no other - from outer space, all the way back home to your front door", and it really is an incredible journey.

With each turn of the page there are new characters to meet, problems to be solved and destinations to be explored. And with the use of as they put it, mind-boggling technology you even get a satellite image of your child's home.

It is magical, adventurous and quite funny at times. A wonderful tale with an oh so sweet ending. Perfect for reading together as a family. This is a real keepsake, one like no other and with lessons to be learnt as you read, priced from £19.99 you are definitely getting your moneys worth from this story!


  1. That sounds great for my niece. I bought her a personalised book for Christmas a couple of years ago and she absolutely loved it!

  2. I'd heard about this book. It certainly looks as good as I hoped

  3. We're huge fans of Lost My Name books. This looks great. I love the aerial view of the house picture :o)


  4. this looks fab and love the idea of the satellite image too :-)

  5. I got the Lost My name book for my grandson last Christmas. Might have to get this one for this year :-)

  6. Wow! This is lovely! I love personalised books too and look forward to BookBairn being old enough to really appreciate them! Great review #readwithme

  7. The design of this book looks great, I've never tried a personalised book before but I can definitely see the appeal. I can imagine how exciting it must be to see your name and house in a book! #readwithme


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