Wednesday 19 October 2016

Obi Worldphone MV1 Review

Mobile phones, there aren't many people that don't have them, even my kids are reaching the stage of wanting their own phones, we are in the day and age that is Instagram and Snapchat now aren't we. The trouble is that all this modern technology can be more than a little expensive and for parents like myself, it can be hard to afford the most up to date mobiles, this is where the Obi Worldphone MV1 can lend a helping hand.

This is one of the latest budge phones and I was kindly sent one to try out and review. Before I start with my review I'll admit I'm not big on technology jargon but my review will be as in depth as I can make it. In the box you get the phone itself, a usb charger and a plug (note mine was a sample europian one but all ones bought now will have a UK plug).

So lets start with how the Obi MV1 looks. It is unique yes but I wouldn't say it is the prettiest of phones. It has curved edges at the bottom but has been given more squared edges at the top, I have to say I think it would have looked better been curved all round. The display itself is slightly raised up described as floating, I'm still unsure whether that makes it better or not. 

Overall the phone is lightweight and ok to hold, it isn't the prettiest of mobile phones but for me this isn't a deal breaker.

Sticking with design, what I do like is that the back can be removed and fairly easily I might add, allowing you access to the battery and the dual sim and microSD slots. This allows you to buy a spare battery if needed, something that I always liked in the design of older mobile phones.

The Obi Worldphone MV1 has a 5 inch display using HD, I'd say this is quite impressive considering it is a budget phone,  when watching videos and playing games etc the display is still sharp and clear to see.

With 4G connectivity as well as bluetooth and WiFI, I was able to use the internet at high speeds even when out and about, and as someone who is constantly using social media for blogging, this was a feature that rated high for me. I didn't have problems with signal being dropped anywhere.

The phone has an 8mp camera in the rear and a 2mp at the front. The rear camera worked reasonably well, images were fine although trying to get the camera to focus sometimes took a while. The front camera however was lacking the photos was quite grainy but for a budget phone I think this is one case where you get what you pay for. Recording videos was fine, the quality was good but prepared to start recording instantly because as soon as you click the video icon it begins to record. 

With 16gb of storage space, that's ok but if you're thinking well that's not enough it can be improved because there is an option to expand the memory with a microSD up to 64gb so you shouldn't have a problem storing photos, videos and apps on your phone.

Something that may appeal to people that use separate phones for business and pleasure is the dual sim card port allowing you to switch between two numbers. This is something that I wasn't able to try as I only have the one sim but I can imagine that this is an option that would prove handy for some.

Battery life on the phone isn't the best. I'm one that scrolls through my phone constantly throughout the day and before the day was out I was finding myself having the recharge the phone but this seems to be the norm with most phones on the market at the moment so although not the best it is in keeping with other phones available.

Overall for a budget phone, the Obi Worldphone MV1 does a good job. Priced at £99 and coming sim free and unlocked so you can use any network with it, it is certainly a viable option if you perhaps can't afford the more expensive phones or like myself are looking for cheaper options for your children. 


  1. As you say, I can see this being a good option for buying kids phones that don't cost the earth.

  2. I've never heard of this one, always interesting to see possibilities for my kids and this could be a contender. #TriedTested

  3. It looks fairly basic but to be honest you get what you pay for don't you - and I wouldn't want to shell out a fortune on the latest smart phone for my kids!
    Thanks for sharing your review on #TriedTested this week x


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