Wednesday 23 November 2016

Kids Fashion Has Arrived at Boohoo

I have four girls and they are all very typical in the sense that they love clothes and shoes, their auntie always makes a point of buying then new outfits at Christmas and others always tell her that she's boring for doing so but my kids couldn't be more appreciative! So when I was asked if I'd like to review some of the new kids fashion that's just arrived at Boohoo I knew it was an opportunity that I couldn't turn down.



Boohookids is a range aimed at both girls and boys age from 5 -12. With clothing that is both stylish and fun with slogan t-shirts and jumpers as well as some lines that are 'mini' versions of the current adult trends. What I notice right away was the pricing. It was extremely reasonable, with some items costing as little as £3, the most expensive item was £45 and this was a coat and I think the cost is in keeping with a lot of other retailers there.


When choosing my items it was around the end of October and there seemed to be a lot of Halloween themed items. Although that's not a bad thing, I like the idea of being able to pick out themed clothing instead of the same old costumes, would be great for times like Christmas and Easter too. And the advantage, half the price of the costumes as well.


There was an abundance of tops and dresses but in contrast seemed to be less bottoms to choose from ie trousers and skirts but with the range newly launch I'm sure they have a lot of items in the pipe line. Whilst picking out items I did indeed notice the latest fashion from cold shoulder tops and dresses, to key prints like leopard. I do like the 'mini me' look but what I'm pleased with is the clothing still remains child like, not too short or revealing.



My delivery was sent via their super save delivery options and I was pleasantly surprised when it arrived speedily two days later and the girls couldn't wait to try on everything, a mini fashion show if you like. For me the sizing was fairly accurate. I bought 5-6 for my 6 year old, 9-10 for my 8 year old and 11-12 for my almost 11 year old. I'd say my only criticism would be the length of the dress my 8 year old received, could do with being a bit longer considering it is meant to last until the child is 10.


The range is well made and wonderfully versatile, the clothing can easily be changed from something casual during the day to something more formal for a party or a dinner out. Stretchy materials make them simple to get on and off and the colours and patterns are well suited to this time of year. I'll admit I was actually quite jealous as I think the kids have better clothes than I do! Was tempted to see if I could squeeze myself into the eldest's sweatshirt.


I've already started eyeing up different items on the site, I'm in love with the mermaid blanket and I'd really like to purchase some of the boots that they have available. I'll admit I was disappointed that I wasn't able to get anything for my youngest. Perhaps in the future they could look to expand their range for younger children and teenagers too, they would definitely sell well.


Overall I was impressed, pricing, quality and service all went hand in hand, providing another online outlet to find the latest kids fashions for those times where you can't get out to the shops to find them or if you're like me, you don't like queueing in shops with young children! Well worth checking out the Boohookids range, I'm excited to see what they'll have to offer in the months to come.


  1. That's a great range of tops the girls have got. It's a shame your little one missed out.


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